- 31 May 2017

Data Centres: Apple, Google & Facebook are reducing Carbon

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They’ve got the highest market share. But what are they doing to improve energy efficiency in their data centres?

So Apple, Facebook & Google are 3 of the world’s leading enterprises in terms of value and market share. But have you ever considered what they are doing to lower their carbon footprint? Furthermore, it’s important to start taking methods of becoming Carbon Neutral. Today we’ll look at what the market leaders are doing to create a cleaner and greener environment.
So, is it possible for your business to run entirely on renewable energy? It’s getting easier with energy storage for solar power and government tax incentives on renewable energy consumption. Furthermore, at Crown Gas & Power we currently offer our consumers “Carbon Credits” allowing them to compensate for the carbon emissions they’ve saved on the road to neutrality. Helping to reduce your carbon footprint.
Firstly, we’ll look at Facebook, Google & Apple — 3 leading technology giants. Data is most important to them. Making their storage facilities pivotal. Which is why all three have taken steps to power their data centres on renewable energy.

It’s a cleaner & greener Silicon Valley

Back in 2013, Facebook opened the doors to its first European data centre in Lulea, Sweden. The location was chosen due to its closeness to the Arctic Circle & the naturally cold temperatures. Further, presenting an opportunity to become 100% hydro powered. In addition, Facebook aims to build more European renewable, wind-powered data centres in Ireland.
Moreover, Apple is now becoming more aware of the environmental effects of large-scale data centres. Theirs is now 100% renewable. To follow this, most recently Google has now announced that 6 of their data centres no longer create landfill rubbish.
“Globally across our data centre operations, we are diverting at least 86 percent of waste away from landfills,” wrote Rachel Futrell, a Google Technical Program Manager.
Furthermore, Google aims for its data centres to be consuming 100% renewable energy over the next year. Working within the technology sector has its implications; when your business is solely online and requires a heavy amount of energy. In recent times they’ve come under scrutiny, rivaling the aviation sector in the high production of greenhouse gases.
Marc Oman, EU energy lead at Google. “Our founders are convinced climate change is a real, immediate threat, so we have to do our part.”

4 tips to help you improve & lower your carbon footprint

Now we’ve observed the leading technology companies, it’s time you started to lower your carbon consumption and create a green footprint.

Audit our energy

Monitor and keep checking how much energy you’re spending. You can outsource this or with Crown Gas & Power, you’re able to monitor your gas consumption & monthly bills online.

Use more efficient equipment

Start using your electrical equipment with your utility bills in mind. Don’t leave inactive devices on or plugged in. Consider also using occupancy sensors to stay on top of usage.

Low your water heater to “just warm”

You don’t need scolding hot water during your busiest office hours, set it to warm around 120°F. When needed.

Behavioral change

Empowering your people to understand & act on more energy efficient and low carbon methods sets the foundation for any physical changes. Make sure the right people are managing your energy supply. Don’t turn the heat on at unnecessary hours & utilise technological advancements to turn off devices during inactive hours (
Crown Gas & Power are a gas supplier to the commercial world. We currently do not supply electricity. This post is based on research to inform and provide an opinion to support UK businesses. Please ensure you research and ensure you’ve fully understood the benefits and implications to you, before making any changes.
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