James Lee
- 8 March 2022

Celebrating success & leadership this International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day Crown Gas & Power is celebrating success and leadership. The theme for International Women’s Day this year is #BreakTheBias.

We believe that what makes a great leader comes down to attitude, dedication, hard work and personality – gender has no part to play in the personal attributes desired from our people. Kym Carden, Customer Operational Manager, comments on what it means to be a great leader:

“Great leadership to me is about creating a welcoming and inclusive culture, based on giving people the space they need to thrive and contribute to achieving a common goal. Trust is important but this works both ways. I trust our team to push forward every day and I am there to support their ideas and efforts, to help them develop their careers within the business.”

In December 2021, Kym was promoted from Team Leader to the Management team to lead both the Customer Service and Meters teams.

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