James Lee
- 26 April 2021

We are Citizens Advice Bureau’s top non-domestic supplier!

number 1 non-domestic supplier

We’re extremely excited to announce that Crown Gas & Power has been named the top non-domestic supplier in the UK by Citizens Advice Bureau.

Being a company that strives to lead by service, this is the standard we set ourselves. We’re happy that our efforts have been recognised and look forward to maintaining and further improving our reputation.

The Citizens Advice Bureau’s non-domestic energy supplier performance league table compares how energy companies rank on handling complaints from best to worst. This is aimed to help customers understand how suppliers perform and make decisions about switching easier.


“For years we have been striving to provide a best in class customer service from the moment the customer signs their contract with us. Now having been publicly recognised by such a well-respected company is a huge step for us and we’re looking forward to building on this in the future.”

Carrie Haworth, Customer Experience Manager

carrie staff photo

How is the score calculated?

The performance model represents weighted complaints made to the independent bodies, who are Citizens Advice Consumer Service, The Extra Help Unit, and Ombudsman Services:Energy.

Weightings have been allocated to reflect the seriousness of the complaint and the time and effort spent by the consumer to get their problem resolved. The weightings in the model place greater emphasis on situations where the consumer has had to repeatedly contact their supplier, or another agency, because the company had failed to deal with their problem.

The number of non-domestic cases received about each company in each of the categories are multiplied by the weighting factor and then divided by each company’s number of non-domestic customers. (Customer numbers provided by suppliers as part of a recurring request for information).

Citizens Advice Bureaux's non-domestic energy supplier performance league table

The figure is then multiplied by 10,000 to give a ratio per 10,000 customers. The total measures for each company are then combined to produce an overall ratio.

To view the full article please see Citizen’s Advice Bureau Supplier Performance.

It’s an exciting time to be with Crown Gas & Power. As we grow year on year, we not only able to maintain our great customer service but thrive and improve! Some other great reasons for joining Crown Gas & Power;

  • Intuitive portals suited to your needs
  • 25%, 50% and 100% Green Gas products available, you can also add this to your current contract
  • Free AMR installations on all compatible meters
  • Calls answered within 3 rings from our UK based office
  • LiveChat available

If you would like a quote please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0161 762 7744 or email sales@crowngas.co.uk