- 30 May 2017

Climate change: Add some entrepreneurial spirit & start taking measures to become carbon neutral


Add some entrepreneurial spirit & start taking measures to become carbon neutral

Climate change and the attempt to reduce our carbon emissions has been high on the agenda for some time now.
Politicians and world leaders have come together to form the Paris Agreement, in an attempt to instigate changes to our general consumption habits and launch new prerogatives.
Although, it’ll take more than just a few enforced regulation changes and political decisions.
We’ve had a look at various research from Singularity University (SU), whose Framework explains how climate change is “one of humanity’s greatest challenges.”
To begin with, Gregg Maryniak, Co-Founder & SU’s Energy & Environmental Chair explains how economic incentives will provide a key driver. Especially when encouraging others to lower their carbon emissions. In the nature of a Carbon Tax, cheaper renewables and energy storage.
Furthermore, Maryniak emphasises that with more economic support there will be more funds available globally for research and development into discovering innovative techniques to overcome climate change.
SU have also put forward 5 techniques to encourage entrepreneurs and businesses to take a “mindset shift — from linear to exponential.” Here they are:

  • Embrace endurance
  • Utilise technological advances
  • Test new ideas & be ready if you fail
  • Look for supporting technologies
  • Take on the 10^9 Challenge

What is SU’s 10^9 Challenge?

They’ve channelled their Graduates’ entrepreneurial spirit to launch a number of business ventures that help change lives. Whilst maintaining lower carbon & helping to tackle climate change.
“If you want to run a Billion Dollar company… Work on solving a problem that touches a Billion people” (Diamandis, 2013). Some of the companies that were started have fit sustainably into numerous sectors — from technology to mail order and consumables.
Now we’ll look at little deeper into some of SU’s Graduates and companies which they’ve started.

3 companies looking to tackle climate change

In order to instigate change to the transport and delivery sector, Matternet was founded. They’ve built autonomous drones that can transport small goods on demand (up to 2kg).
Coincidently, Matternet was founded two years prior to Amazon Prime, who had the same idea to take off with delivery drones.
More recently, as seen on their website, Matternet have teamed up with Mercedes-Benz in order to merge their drones with Mercedez’s Vans creating a cleaner, quicker and futuristic delivery service. Setting the pace to tackle climate change.
Follow Robots have taken the retail space by storm. Designing and building a robot that allows customers to identify their needs and quickly navigate the shelves. Enlightening a more efficient customer experience. If you think contactless & Apple Pay are futuristic, just wait until a robot starts doing the weekly shop.
Our personal favourite is Anticip8. Who have created an accurate “micro weather prediction” perfect for assisting renewable energy producers and consumers? Furthermore, expressing confidence when committing to the renewable grid. They’ll build a “decentralised, ground up weather model, that update every 10 minutes.”

Tackling Climate Change

These organisations were founded on the back of a University that specialises in innovation. On top of, research and development to help create a better outlook for consumers. They use their fascination of our developing cultures to create an initiative to eventually tackle climate change and prepare our society for the future.
It was reported that the world’s leading CEO’s from Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, have invested up to $1Bn to support the next generation of energy technology further enhancing the future aims zeroing in on a carbon neutral economy (PCmag, 2016).
Tackling climate change does lead heavily on our own commitment as well as investing the latest technology. The Smart Meter rollout in the UK provides just a small stepping stone. To help UK homes and businesses take more control of their energy bills and watch how much they’re consuming.
Although, it’s the pinpoint of most advertising campaigns. There’s more to advanced metering than the bills you receive. It’s being able to control and manage your monthly usage that helps you to consume more efficiently.

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