Moving Commercial Premises

Change of tenancy FAQs

For further information explaining what to do as you move into new commercial premises; take a look at our Moving Premises FAQs below.

Alternatively, call us on 0161 762 7744. If you have just moved into a new site, we will ensure you receive a competitive gas price, to start you off consuming cost efficiently.

If we already supply your new commercial property...

Download our Moving Property Form below.

Moving Premises Form

We Require:

  1. Your company details
  2. New commercial premises
  3. The Date you moved in
  4. The Meter Reading, when you moved in
  5. Name of previous occupiers, if available
  6. Details of the Managing Agents responsible for the commercial premises. If applicable

Simply complete, scan & email to or post it to

Crown Gas & Power, 2nd Floor, Crown Point, Heap Brow, Bury, BL9 7JR

If you have any further questions about moving in/out, please don’t hesitate to ask; contact our team on 0161 762 7744, or send your enquiry online

If you have just moved into a new business property - Get a price online today!
  • Enter your postcode & company details online to receive a competitive price.
  • Our team will then be in touch to discuss our supply contract, suitably adapted to support long-term business growth.
  • Once you have accepted your contract from us – your supply transfer will take 15 days to complete.
  • As soon as your site becomes live; as discussed during the quotation process, we will arrange the Site Works to install the most advanced meters.
  • From there you will be registered for our customer portal. Creating a straightforward approach to monitoring commercial utilities.

What Our Customers Say

We are really happy with the service from Crown Gas and Power. We submit readings and receive invoices on time.

Catherine - Customer

You’ve made the process very simple, turned things around very quickly and kept me up to date all the way. It is really refreshing to have such a service with a new connection.

Rory - Broker

When you change gas suppliers and get a fantastic deal, you worry that the service may not be good when you need it, you have certainly put that to rest.
Fantastic, Thank you!

Jackie - Customer