Gas Switching Process

It’s easy to switch business gas suppliers

With gas being a key expense for a number of UK businesses, we will ensure our gas supply transfer process is simplistic and suited to each of our customer’s requirements. We know how complex it is to find a competitive quote, which is why we will offer you our best gas prices, allowing you to make a more informed decision when deciding to switch to Crown Gas & Power.

Before you consider switching gas suppliers, it’s important to determine how much gas your business uses throughout the year. You can do this simply by comparing your previous energy bills or monitoring your consumption data through your online account.

Contact us with your gas requirements

As your current gas supply contract comes to an end, contact our team at Crown Gas and Power on 0161 762 1883, or simply complete our quote form for a competitive gas price today. The main information we need from you is the postcode, company name and site contact details.

Finalise your supply contract details

Once we have received your request we will first run a credit check. Following this, we will be in touch to finalise the new contract with you. For more information about our quotations, credit and payments take a look at our Billing & Payment FAQs and Quotation & Contract FAQs.

Once you have agreed to switch

Our team will begin working on your business gas supply transfer. We want to ensure you are able to switch suppliers conveniently, causing as little disruption to your businesses operations as possible.

Why might your existing supplier object to the switch?
  • You may still be in a valid contract with your current supplier
  • You may still have an outstanding balance with your current supplier

If your existing supplier objects to your switch once you have accepted our contract, our team will work to create a timely resolution, ensuring your switch continues to run smoothly.

How long will my supply transfer take?

Our supply transfer process should take 15 days. However, this is dependent on the current supplier not objecting to the transfer.

What should I do once my site is live?

Once your site is live you will receive our welcome pack which will contain more information about us, including how to arrange for an AMR to be installed on your meter. This will automatically update our systems to produce an accurate gas bill. Contact us to apply for an AMR to be installed on your meter.

When should I submit meter readings?

After the 15-day transfer process has been completed. We recommend that you submit your first-meter reading within the first three days after your contract start date. This can be done online here. Alternatively, you can submit meter readings via telephone or email by getting in touch on 0161 762 7744 or email

How do I register for my customer portal?

Once your site is live, our team will register your account. You will then need to log in securely and change your password. Now that you have switched, you will benefit from the features of our customer portal where you will be able to monitor consumption and keep track of your payments with us.

Who should I contact in the event of a gas emergency?

In the event of an emergency, contact the Free Gas Emergency Number which is 0800 111 999. In addition, please take a look at our Gas Emergency Advice Sheet.

What Our Customers Say

Since using Crown we have developed the Connections and Metering side of the business to support our growing client base which we are delighted with, the service provided by the team is invaluable and we look forward to working with Crown Gas & Power on future projects.

Robert - Broker

When you change gas suppliers and get a fantastic deal, you worry that the service may not be good when you need it, you have certainly put that to rest.
Fantastic, Thank you!

Jackie - Customer

Categorically an outstanding, dedicated, professional albeit friendly sitework team who have proactively worked with us to deliver substantial results.

Katie - Broker