James Lee
- 20 June 2022

Crown Gas & Power attends the World Biogas Expo 2022

On Wednesday 15th to Thursday 16th June 2022, Crown Gas & Power exhibited at the World Biogas Expo 2022. The exhibition is one of the largest international trade shows dedicated to anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas and is hosted by the World Biogas Association and the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA).

Over the two days, the exposition, summit and awards night offered us the opportunity to network with industry experts and participants across the supply chain, hearing from decision makers around the world on some of the following topics:

• Separate food waste collections become mandatory across Europe in 2023, with AD named as the preferred treatment for food waste
• The US is investing $2 trillion in renewable energies, which includes biomethane
• The IEA forecasts investment in biomethane to reach $3bn/year by 2040
• Biogas demand in the UK will require building another 100 biomethane plants
• The food and drink industry is rapidly deploying AD

As one of the leading suppliers offering 100% biogas, we believe switching to biogas can help the fight against climate change. And with the proposed increase in biomethane plants, the Biogas Expo was the perfect place to learn more about biogas and how we can support the industry.

As well as exhibiting, Crown Gas & Power sponsored the event’s coffee shop and attended the AD and Biogas Industry Awards night on the Wednesday. Take a look at some of the pictures from what was a great exhibition.

Crown Gas & Power caters for all budgets with 25% or 50% biogas blends and 100% biogas products. Speak to our experts today to hear more about our biogas offering.

What is biogas?

Biogas is methane produced from the breakdown of organic material by bacteria (anaerobic digestion) but unlike natural gas (fossil fuel), it does not release carbon stored for millions of years and is therefore significantly more environmentally friendly.

Biogas (green gas/biomethane) is produced from a range of organic materials (feedstocks) including maize, rye, food residues and landfill gas. Once the biogas has been produced, it is refined and can be injected into the gas transport network in much the same way as natural gas.

World Biogas Association

The World Biogas Association is the global trade association for the biogas, landfill gas and AD sectors, dedicated to facilitating the adoption of biogas globally. They believe that the global adoption of biogas technologies is a multi-faceted opportunity to produce clean, renewable energy while resolving global issues related to development, public health and economic growth.


ADBA is the UK Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association. Through lobbying activities, meetings with government officials, working groups, high profile industry events, educational material and more, ADBA aims to facilitate the AD industry’s growth. They’re helping the UK meet its renewable energy and waste targets and pave the way for a carbon-free future.

Read more about the World Biogas Expo here.