James Lee
- 5 May 2023

Crowned No.1… twelve months and counting!

We are ecstatic to announce Crown Gas & Power has been crowned as Citizens Advice number 1 non-domestic energy supplier again! Reigning at the number 1 spot and held for twelve months and counting.

The updated table shows the rightful recognition of Crown Gas & Power. Our teams at Crown Gas & Power continually demonstrate dedication and commitment to delivering a first-class service to our customers.

Citizens Advice publish a quarterly performance league table comparing non-domestic energy companies based on how they rank on handling customer complaints, from best to worst. This table is created to help customers understand how suppliers perform and to help them make informed decisions about switching.

Crown Gas & Power champions itself on continuously finding ways to improve how we support our customers. We believe in fair treatment for all our customers and put them first in everything we do, making switching business gas supply a relaxed and hassle-free process.

Terry Day, Joint Managing Director, says “Excellent service is at the core of everything we do at Crown Gas & Power. We make sure we get the basics right first: and our committed team do the rest. We are incredibly proud to retain the number 1 spot!”

View the Citizens Advice table and how it is calculated here.