James Lee
- 8 September 2022

Cutting energy costs for your business

Natural gas meters

How far down your priority list are your businesses energy bills? With the continuous list of items for a business to complete ever increasing, it can be difficult to find the time to look in detail about your outgoings and how you can adapt the business to help reduce your bills, such as your spend on energy.

It’s no secret that energy bills have soared in the past few years; however, more can be done by businesses to lower the expenditure. Funds can potentially be saved elsewhere for the business to invest and hopefully benefit from, as well as creating savings. Cutting your energy can also lead to a more sustainable business and using fewer fossil fuels can create a healthier environment for all.

Do your research

Are you currently with the most cost-effective supplier? Switching your supplier can save you money and can be a simple process to follow. Look into what your current rate is and compare it to what other offers are available for you – there’s no harm in looking.

Monitor your energy

Being aware of how much energy you are using and where the most is being used can help you cut the cost or tighten up on where money is slipping away on wasted energy.

Turn off equipment

Every office is full of equipment, most of it never gets turned off properly and is left on standby. Turning these pieces of equipment off can stop them from using energy.

Offices require energy to be a comfortable working environment for staff. Making adaptions such as motion sensor lighting and using laptops instead of desktop computers can help. Laptops use 80% less electricity than desktop computers and get by using one-fifth and one-third as much energy, Smallbusiness.

Equipment is also graded for energy efficiency. Purchasing A+++ level equipment may be more expensive at the start, but over its lifespan it will be cheaper with energy costs.

Warm in winter, cool in summer

Making sure that the office is regularly checked and maintained can help cut energy costs. Simple defects such as trim on windows and doors that don’t seal properly could lead to heat escaping.

Making sure that windows and doors are closed when using the heating can help keep the cost down.

Another way of maintaining the office is to insulate the walls and ceilings. This can stop heat from escaping or keep heat in when needed. Just like the office equipment, the one-off cost can be quite steep but should be seen more of as an investment. Over time the energy saved will reduce your energy bills.

At the other end of the scale, the workplace will need to be kept cool in the summer. Keeping your air conditioning units maintained and serviced can help the running of them. Replacing air filters alone can provide savings of up to 15% per month.

Turning the heating/air conditioning off when it’s not needed can also save a few pounds, which will soon mount up.

Water usage

Most offices use at least one kettle and it’s common knowledge that they use a lot of energy. Overfilling a kettle when boiling water for a few cups of tea can lead to estimated costs of an extra £68 million every year, Energy Saving Trust. Only boiling what you need can save money – this is also good practice to start within the home.

Things as small as a dripping tap can be costing you money, so good maintenance within the kitchen and bathrooms can save money and energy in the long run.

Overall, there are many things that can be adapted to make sure that your office is running as efficiently as possible and making these small changes can make a big difference over time.

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