James Lee
- 11 October 2022

Digitising customer service systems

Here at Crown Gas & Power, we pride ourselves on customer service, having been ranked as the number 1 non-domestic supplier by Citizens Advice, occupying the top spot for a total of nine months. We have detailed below what customers should be expecting in today’s world.

64% of people find customer experience more important than price when it comes to making a purchase. Technology has made it easier for customers to purchase what they need. It has made it simple for companies to communicate with their customers, so dealing with customer issues has never been easier.

Overall, many of the changes make purchasing easier for the customer, as it comes at a greater convenience. Problems are being resolved more quickly with the use of chatbots, online FAQs, and trends being tracked internally, which hopefully a company can use all of these to iron out any issues.

Here at Crown Gas & Power, we pride ourselves on offering a customer care line answered within a minute of the call reaching our system, a sub-30-second response time on web chat, and a designated direct email system with a response time of within 48 hours. Crown Gas & Power does not operate an automated service across any of its contact channels, so our customers are guaranteed to be assisted by a trained customer service representative.

There is an increasing number of technologies available for businesses to provide better services for their customers and to help create a better user experience. This can work out to be a win-win for both customers and businesses. According to Slidershare, only 1% of customers feel that their expectations of customer service are always met, so there is a lot of work needed to improve this.


Omnichannel over multichannel

At Crown Gas & Power, we focus on the omnichannel approach, with a UK-based call centre and a team who are up to date with all the goings-on in the ever-changing world of gas.

We offer a range of communications for the customer base, whether this is an email system, online chat, or the traditional option of a phone call – we always aim to offer a seamless experience.


Social media 

The use of social media can also help both customers and the company. Tools such as chats, tagging and sharing information with each of the social media accounts allow customers to reach out.

Social media is another easily accessible platform for customers to communicate with businesses. Linking customer service and social media can lead to a lot of customers receiving instant replies and communication to help assist them with their questions or queries.


Messaging & mobile conversations

Keeping up with technology will help a company to communicate with a customer as mobile messaging has opened more doors for quicker and easier communication. A customer can choose which channel or app they want to engage in, whether this is WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger as obvious examples. This allows the customer to be in control of the communication at their ease.

At Crown Gas & Power, we offer a WhatsApp service for customers to submit their monthly meter reads for accurate billing. Making it as easy as possible for customers to get on top of their energy usage is high on our agenda.

Overall, customers want simplicity and timely responses when it comes to customer touchpoints, keeping up with the technological changes and adaptions within the business. Although the phone will always remain the backbone of customer service, the array of digital channels will continue to grow and adapt to aim to give a greater opportunity for customer engagement, service and overall efficiency.

Crown Gas & Power prides itself on being a front runner for customer service, adapting to new technologies to make the process as efficient and simple as possible.

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