- 13 April 2017

Easter is the Excellent excuse to shop small


How to best shop around this Easter!

So the Easter egg market is worth around £200m, emphasising how small businesses should take a more creative approach to stand out from some of the larger retailers and manufacturers (Guardian, 2017).
Therefore, why not take that approach with your general commodities. Be innovative, be imaginative and delve deeper into the market. Don’t just focus on the initial price, look for support in the most unlikely places. Whilst you’re out searching for some last minute 2 for 1 Easter eggs, pull up your monthly bills, whether that’s your energy, telephone or broadband bill. Be creative with the spend. Don’t let utilities suck up your profits.
Rather than cracking at the first offer you see, it’s important to look closely, at your bill; focus on obtaining control, think innovatively; it’s maintaining control that is pivotal to help you save monthly.
Take an innovative outlook this Easter. Start monitoring exactly how much you are spending, don’t jump onto, top of Google comparison sites; get on the phone, call up an Energy Consultant, take advantage of their market intelligence & agility when sourcing competitive contract terms. Furthermore, if your provider presents you with an option to audit and take more control, bring out your inner bunny, jump at the chance, register your interest & keep a close eye on how much you’re spending.

Easter energy audits…

In terms of energy. At Crown Gas & Power, Energy Consultants play a pivotal role within or services. There’s more to procuring commercial gas then the price. Throughout contract duration, we’ll provide our customers with a full end-to-end service, keeping you updated with everything from transfers to billing, meter readings and Site Works projects. We’re just a phone call away, 0161 762 7744. Get in touch and find out more about our energy services. It’s not just competitive. It’s Personal.
Let’s get into it; to help you start to taking back control of your utility expenses here’s 5 tips to ensure you don’t crack after Easter.

Whilst you were on an egg hunt

Tick it off

In addition, get physical and actually observe each pod in your office, check out different rooms, present yourself with an opportunity to monitor spend, keep your team involved and most importantly learn more about what’s going on around the office.
Have you just seen an extortionate figure on each bill this month? Start with a checklist, look around, what’s been left switched on, how quick is your internet connection and what’s the temperature like?
What you should do is make a note of where your light switches are; how many there are and whether an auto switch or occupancy sensor would be more beneficial? Furthermore, get into the Springtime and Easter spirit, let in some natural light & consider using LED light bulbs.
By sourcing air leaks and filling in any gaps you could save up to 10 or 20% on your energy bills a year. Keep your eye on gaps around doors, windows and particularly where building materials meet; seal them up with appropriate, long lasting materials.
Furthermore, consider ventilation and avoid back drafting; which occurs when various appliances combust and compete for air. Therefore, with ventilation, a fan will pull any combustion gases out of your living space. If you’d like advice on how to make amends to your utility supply connection, contact our Site Works team on 0161 762 7660.

Check your heating & cooling equipment

It’s Easter Week & Summer is on the way. You’ll likely be switching from heating to air conditioning in your office. Therefore, now is the best time to inspect your heating and cooling equipment. Keep an eye on your filters and replace them if needed.
To keep your aircon maintaining and flowing efficiently, keep changing the filters every couple of months throughout the summer. Furthermore, whilst we’ve had mixed weather over the last few months, it’s likely your heating has been in action inconsistently. Therefore, as Summer is amongst us, evaluate your gas connection & metering. Our Site Works Team are able to undertake a complete evaluation of your current connection, advise and help you to organise an alteration or rearrangement.

Crack on it – keep checking those bills

Crack on and keep a close eye on your monthly energy bills. It’s never been easier manage your bills online with Crown Gas & Power. With our consumption management system within our Customer Portal, you’ll have access to clearly presented charts portraying your consumption available in monthly form or instantly if you’ve had an AMR installed.
In addition, as well as comparing consumption patterns, we express the importance of understanding all the terms within your gas invoice; which is why we’ve simplified our invoices and presented a short glossary of terms on the back for an extensive outlook.
Take note of your…
●    Total cost
●    Unit Cost
●    Standing Cost
●    Climate Change Levy
●    Meter Reading & whether you’ve had an estimation
●    Contract type
●    The Calculation
After Easter, start preparing your business for Summer, keep a close eye on your gas bills, regularly audit and monitor your consumption.