James Lee
- 11 August 2022

Faster switching changes at a glance

Faster switching is the new set of rulings from Ofgem. First announced back in 2017 and live since 18th July 2022, the new rulings will aim to make switching energy suppliers faster, more reliable and more cost-effective for customers.

Faster switching harmonises the switches for both gas and power and includes a shorter switching window. This is to reduce the time consumers must wait to change supplier.

Before faster switching it could take up to 30 working days to change energy suppliers; however, with the new central system in place, the period for switching has now been reduced to just two working days for business customers and one working day for domestic consumers.

Some of the changes that Ofgem made are listed below.

A new central switching service

The switch will continue to go through your energy supplier as usual with the changes having occurred behind the scenes. Today a new Central Switching Service (CSS) coordinates switches across the electricity and gas markets using a highly secure near real time message-based system.

Smaller objection window for suppliers

Historically, changing your supplier meant that the current supplier had up to seven working days to object the change. Suppliers can object to losing a customer for reasons including outstanding debt or fixed term contracts. These reasons remain the same today, however the window for resolution has been shortened to just two working days for the losing supplier to object.

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