James Lee
- 25 July 2022

Faster switching success: Ofgem’s faster & more reliable switching programme went live on 18th July

Whilst nearly seven years in the making, the benefits of faster switching have been almost immediate. With the new Central Switching Service (CSS), Crown Gas & Power has been able to switch over 50 customers in the past week alone.

Internal collaboration between departments and external service providers has ensured that this change has been successfully implemented. Thank you to all those involved.


 Under the new faster switching arrangements, the following changes have become effective for gas and power:

  • The fastest switch possible will be five working days for domestic and non-domestic meter points. Suppliers may voluntarily opt for the fastest possible switch of either one working day (domestic) or two working days (non-domestic)
  • The slowest switch possible is 28 calendar days in advance
  • The objection window is now two full working days for non-domestic meter points (one full working day for domestic meter points)

Get in touch with our team today if you would like to hear more about faster switching by emailing hello@crowngas.co.uk.