James Lee
- 8 February 2022

Taking pride in putting the customer first

Customer service is top of our agenda and encompasses everything we stand for at Crown Gas & Power. We believe in a fair treatment for all our customers and partners and put them first in everything we do. We wanted to hear from one of our partners about the service we offer so we spoke to James Baker, Head of Energy at Focus Group, to see what they have thought of our service over the years.

Focus Group is one of the UK’s leading independent providers of essential business technology.

Can you tell us more about Focus Group?

Focus Group was established in 2003, originally as a business telecoms provider. Over the years, we have developed our service portfolio and now offer Energy, IT, Telecoms, Mobile, Connectivity and Cyber Security solutions to businesses across the UK. Our experienced Energy team are experts in their field – committed to delivering unbiased advice and cost-effective services to Focus Group customers.

How have you found your experience working with Crown Gas & Power?

Since 2012, Crown Gas & Power has consistently shown that customer and reseller partnerships are at the forefront of their thinking. The Customer Service team at Crown Gas & Power is easy to deal with, prompt and they are all clearly passionate about their work.

In terms of account management, we rarely get any issues and if we do, they are resolved quickly.

What makes Crown Gas & Power stand out to you?

Crown Gas & Power is a well established gas provider with the genuine feel of a family-business. I have found it easy to forge relationships with various members of their Customer Service, Siteworks and Account Management teams.

In short, the people at Crown Gas & Power really do care about doing their absolute best and it is reflected in how they treat resellers and customers alike.

What is it about our Customer Service team that you like?

They are so easy to deal with and all take their work seriously. Recently the Customer Service team worked with us on a project to correct VAT overcharges for a customer. The credit for the customer was significant and Crown Gas & Power’s Customer Service team worked with Focus Group in partnership, and because of the easy relationship we have we were able to help the customer at a time when “every penny really does count”.

Before recommending Crown Gas & Power to your contacts, what is it you tell them about us?

We share what we believe are three of the main attributes the team should be proud of; easy to understand billing, fantastic prices and an even better service all managed from one UK office. What is there not to like?

We enjoy sharing our success stories and would like to thank Focus Group for their kind comments about our wonderful team.

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