James Lee
- 27 May 2022

Four steps to brand trust

According to Adobe Blog, 75% of executives say that since the pandemic began, they have had a harder time building and maintaining trust with their customers.

With brand trust being one of the main reasons a customer will choose to purchase the product or service, companies need to work on maintaining the trust and relationships they have with the customer.

Following on from brand trust, Fresh Desk show that 83% of customers say they would recommend a business they trust to others. This trust and confidence to recommend the business will inevitably lead to an increase in overall sales.

The better the trust is between a customer and a company can also lead to the willingness to share their data with you. Adobe Blog states that 73% of customers are worried that the data brands collect will not benefit them but only be used to benefit the company. Following on from this, 81% of customers say that having choices about how companies use their data is important to them. This is something all brands should be aware of.

Below we detail four of the most important factors in building brand trust:


Be clear about your purpose

It takes time to gain trust; consistency is one way of gaining trust quickly.

Customers will believe the messages you are displaying, and they will buy into the promises if you remain consistent – whether that be quick processes or delivery.

Keeping messages clear and the overall purpose at the forefront of what you do will help a customer trust you, meaning there will be fewer issues if the promises fall short.


Be honest

Honesty always helps, regardless of something going wrong or not. If you are honest and open, you will be able to manage the expectations of your customers.

76% of customers say it is important for brands to show empathy by demonstrating they can see things from the customer’s perspective, understanding their frustration and knowing what is important to them.

Choosing to display reviews and testimonials no matter the rating can show how you work as a business and deal with issues. BigCommerce shows that 72% of customers say positive reviews and testimonials make them trust a brand more.


Reward loyalty

Loyalty programs can help to drive sales and keep relationships going. Making initiatives or benefits for the customer to return to you, or to leave feedback can help connect a customer to the brand.


Be available

Put the customer first and make sure that you have channels open for communication, whether that be FAQs, online webchats, or 24/7 phone lines.

96% of customers agree that customer service plays a vital role in their choice of loyalty to a brand, based Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report.

With companies focusing their efforts on training staff to be able to deal with a variety of calls and updating any form of live chat to answer any incoming questions, customers are more likely to leave with a positive feeling at any time of the day.

At Crown Gas & Power, we put you first. We believe in fair treatment for all our customers and put them first in everything we do. We aim to continuously improve and put all our energy into finding ways to improve how we support our customers and our local community. We also pride ourselves on keeping things simple. We offer our best price, so our customer can make a more informed decision when making the switch.

In March, Crown Gas & Power was announced as Citizens Advice number one non-domestic supplier from October – December 2021.

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