James Lee
- 14 August 2020

A massive step in the right direction for Green Gas

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A Cambridgeshire biomethane plant has been connected directly to the gas transmission network, for the first time ever!

Murrow Anaerobic Digestion Plant in Cambridgeshire operated by Biocow Ltd, now produces 15,000 cubic metres of biomethane per hour, enough to directly supply enough Green Gas to support up to TEN households per hour.

Traditionally biomethane was captured and injected into the gas transmission network as a separate process, this was simply due to the production of biomethane being such a new concept the infrastructure wasn’t available to directly supply the network. Additionally, there just wasn’t enough supply to keep a consistent flow of biomethane to the network.

National grid confirmed the news on 13th August 2020, adding “Alongside hydrogen, biomethane will play a critical role in the journey to Britain achieving net-zero.”

Chris Waters, Managing Director of Biocow Ltd said:This joint project with National Grid is a very important first step in Biocow’s keen commitment to continue pioneering new and innovative ways to inject Green Gas into the grid. We look forward to continued collaboration with National Grid in the future as we continue to develop our site at Murrow.”

As per the Paris agreement, Britain has a goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 which will require a huge increase in renewable energy and investment to increase the efficiency of farms such as Murrow Anaerobic Digestion Plant. The more plants we can get supplying the national grid, the more green we ultimately become.

Crown Gas & Power are proud to be an active supplier of Green Gas, we work closely with multiple farms and plants to support Britains green movement. We offer 100% Green Gas as well as a blended 25% & 50% alternative to ensure supply volume and budgets are taken into account.

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