Biogas for your business

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Crown Gas & Power aims to help businesses do their bit to help our nation achieve its net zero target by 2050.

As one of the leading suppliers offering 100% biogas, we are helping businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

Crown Gas & Power cater for all budgets by offering 25% or 50% biogas blends and 100% biogas products. We believe switching to biogas can help the fight against climate change.

Biogas can be purchased just like natural gas. Simply choose what percentage blend of biomethane you would like: 25%, 50% or 100% biogas and call us today on 0161 762 7744 for pricing.

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What is biogas and how is it made?

  • Biogas (green gas/biomethane) is produced from a range of organic materials (feedstocks) including maize, rye, food residues and landfill gas. Once the biogas has been produced, it is refined and can be injected into the gas transport network in much the same way as natural gas.

  • The anaerobic digestion process is started by allowing bacteria to break down waste products in an oxygen free environment. Biogas is created, refined and then injected into the gas grid by biogas producers. Biogas can be used as a substitute for natural gas as it has the same characteristics and specifications as fossil gas.

  • There are currently 650 operational AD facilities in the UK, which is a significant rise from one facility in 2013. This number, alongside the ambitions for net zero living by 2050, shows the UK’s ambition for biogas to begin replacing fossil fuels as the main source of energy.

Crown Gas & Power’s biogas product is not to be confused with carbon offsetting. Rather than compensating for high carbon emissions, biomethane reduces emissions.

Why biogas is good for your business

Virtually carbon neutral

Burning gas from fossil fuels introduces carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that has been locked away for millions of years, this then causes climate damage, whereas biomethane is produced solely from organic materials that absorbed carbon dioxide whilst they grew.

This means when biogas is burned, it only releases that same amount of carbon dioxide, therefore since it doesn’t add more CO₂ to the Earth’s atmosphere, it’s carbon neutral.

Supports British farmers & rural economy

Biogas opens a new opportunity for British farmers as biogas is a fresh alternative to the traditional farming methods, such as diary and meat – which currently accounts for 60% of farming greenhouse gas emissions.


The Green Gas Certification Scheme currently governs the process for all biogas. The certification scheme tracks all biogas from production through to consumption. Once biogas is purchased, a certificate can be viewed to find out information such as location and method of extraction of your biogas. Green gas certificates will be sent out within three weeks of coming live.

Reduces our reliance on fossil fuel gas

Changing our reliance on fossil fuels to virtually carbon neutral biogas can help the earth recover and stop us burning fossil fuels. Agricultural crops, food waste and animal waste are a continuously created and can be used to create biogas, thus reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

How to purchase biogas for your business

Switching to biogas can help the fight against climate change. Whilst there is a growing demand for biogas, there is currently a limited volume of biogas available in the UK. Speak to our team today to discuss switching your business to biogas with one of our three offerings: a 25% or 50% biogas blend or our 100% biogas product.

Cost Cost

Crown Gas & Power offer biomethane products to suit every budget, offering 25% or 50% biogas blends and 100% biogas products.

Change Change

We understand not every budget can accommodate 100% biogas but that shouldn’t rule out businesses from wanting to make a change. Make a contribution with our 25% or 50% biogas blend.

Local Local

We source all our biogas from within the UK, supporting local farms and helping our economy. Your certificate will show which UK farm your biogas was sourced from.

Biogas FAQs

Where do you source your biogas?

Our biogas is purchased across multiple locations, however, is always sourced in the UK. When you purchase biogas your certificate will show where your biogas was bought from.

Why is biogas more expensive?

Biogas is a new process and is still maturing every day, which does mean there is a slight premium. This was why we created the blended product to allow companies to choose either a 25% or 50% blend to accommodate all budgets, while still supporting the UK’s innovative approach to a greener world.

When do I receive my Green Gas certificate?

We aim to send out our certificates within three weeks of coming live.

What's the difference between biomethane, green gas and biogas?

They’re the same thing – Biomethane is the technical term for the gas produced whereas biogas has almost become the nickname.

Do I need to change my boiler for biogas?

Absolutely no changes to your equipment are required to accommodate biogas.

How is biogas fed into the gas transmission network?

Traditionally biomethane was captured, stored, and injected into the national grid as a separate process however recently National Grid confirmed a local plant was able to be connected directly to the transmission grid for the first time. See our biogas article here.

We believe we’ll start seeing more plants being connected directly to the grid.

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