James Lee
- 14 December 2021

How businesses can contribute to slowing down global warming

Aerial top view of a tractor, combine harvester plowing agricultural land in the spring

Offsetting your carbon footprint with carbon credits isn’t the sole solution to combating global warming but it can help slow down the damage carbon emissions cause to give the planet and its people more time to fight global warming for good.

Businesses must take whatever steps they can to create a greener environment for our future.

What is carbon offset?

A carbon footprint is a mark you leave on the environment when fossil fuels are burned and carbon offsetting is the process of counterbalancing this. It is important to note that carbon offsetting doesn’t reduce your carbon emissions but rather balances out the carbon emitted by supporting global projects that are working hard for the end goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

Legislation and regulation are placing increasing demands on businesses to take action and offset their carbon footprint.

Why should you and your business offset your carbon footprint?

If your business isn’t ready to switch to green gas, but you’re keen to make a positive difference to our planet, there are more affordable options available by offsetting your carbon footprint with carbon credits. By choosing carbon offsetting at Crown Gas & Power for your gas, the carbon emissions that are created from burning your gas will be offset automatically with carbon credits. Benefits to your business:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to saving our planet with your carbon offset certificate
  • Build brand value – be a business that cares
  • Feel good that your business is contributing to saving our environment

How can you calculate your carbon footprint?

You may be surprised by how much your business is contributing to carbon dioxide (CO2). Here’s how you can calculate your carbon footprint.

What is a carbon credit?

One tonne of CO2 equals one carbon credit. Carbon credits are provided by emission reduction projects across the globe that can combat climate change a lot faster than any single company.

By purchasing carbon credits, you claim their environmental benefit. In this way, you are responding to the challenge of climate change and helping our planet move closer to global climate neutrality (zero net impact on the climate). In addition, you are supporting worthy projects that bring sustainable development benefits to developing countries.

Demonstrate your commitment to help sustain our planet by offsetting your carbon by securing one of our Carbon Neutral Gas Contracts and we will calculate the number of carbon credits needed to offset the carbon created from your gas supply and offset it for you.

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