James Lee
- 19 December 2022

Is it time to switch to biogas?

Aerial top view of a tractor, combine harvester plowing agricultural land in the spring

The UK is working towards becoming net zero and with many businesses wanting to change their impact on the environment, biogas is becoming a more favourable choice.   

Crown Gas & Power looked at biogas (green gas) to see how it is beneficial for both the environment and your business.


Should you use biogas?

Biogas is now being used by many businesses and with it being virtually carbon neutral, it replaces the need for businesses to burn harmful fossil fuels and reduces the overall carbon emissions that are being released into the atmosphere.

With the Government’s plan for net zero carbon by 2050, which we looked at in our A business guide to net zero article, businesses need to assess where they are with carbon emissions and start to make changes to fit the 2050 deadline.


What is biogas?

Biogas is produced from a range of organic materials, food residues and landfill gas. Once the biogas has been produced, it is refined and can be injected into the gas transport network in a similar way to natural gas.

Biogas is made at an anaerobic digestion plant where bacteria is used to break down waste products in an oxygen free environment. Biogas is created, refined, and then injected into the gas grid by biogas producers. Using agricultural waste and grass to create biogas means it can produce a low carbon gas source for generations.


Benefits of biogas

The benefits of biogas can be endless. Biogas is virtually carbon neutral, meaning when it is burned it releases nearly the same amount of carbon dioxide as it absorbed whilst growing – therefore not adding even more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The Green Gas Certification Scheme currently governs the process for all biogas. The scheme currently tracks all biogas from production through to consumption. After the biogas has been purchased, a certificate can be viewed to find out information such as the location and method of extraction of the biogas.

Biogas reduces the reliance on fossil fuel gas. By changing the reliance on fossil fuels to virtually carbon neutral biogas can in turn change the strain on the environment and stop us from burning fossil fuels.

Another benefit of biogas is that it supports British farmers and the rural economy. Biogas opens a new opportunity for British farmers – agricultural waste and food waste are continuously created products, and this helps create another income stream for farmers and reduces agricultural and food waste throughout the country.

As one of the leading suppliers offering 100% biogas, we are helping businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. Crown Gas & Power cater for all budgets by offering 25% or 50% biogas blends and 100% biogas products. We believe choosing biogas can help the fight against climate change.

Speak to us about how you can contribute to the benefits of biogas. Simply choose what percentage blend of biomethane you would like: 25%, 50% or 100% biogas and call us today on 0161 762 7744 for pricing.