- 15 May 2017

Make energy saving cutbacks & benefit your growing business


How could energy saving cutbacks benefit your growing business?

Become an S-M-G-E

As a growing High Street retailer, we know you’ll be busy dealing with customers, managing stock and promoting your premises. Therefore, we will provide some tips to help you make the most of energy saving cutbacks and consume at a competitive rate.
At Crown Gas & power we put our focus on the customer; whilst ensuring smaller businesses and SMEs are able to grow without having to pay an overpriced gas bill.
Therefore, from building up experience working with some of the UK’s renowned SME Commercial Energy Consultants. We have been able to create the perfect SME energy solution that’s even more familiarised for ambitious, growing businesses. Moreover, we’ll also adapt to suit companies who adhere to the government’s Micro Business Criteria.
Simply for growing retail outlets whether that men’s clothing, women’s fashion, hair and beauty, jewellery or general commodities. We continually stress how important it is to start managing your energy supply properly. Yes, it’s not just procuring the cheapest price, you should be focusing on the long-term investment of time.
Simply, by taking the time to submit regularly meter readings and continually keep track of your consumption you’ll be in a better position to make energy saving cutbacks. Next time your bills due, have a deeper look, compare it to previous one, contact our team on 0161 762 7744 and we’ll not only offer our best price but we’ll provide you with advice on how you could save on future commercial gas bills, once you’ve switched to us.

Here’s a short overview of the services we offer to growing SMEs and retail outlets like yours:
  • Competitive prices & variable length contracts from 12, 24, 36 & 48 months
  • Smart advanced metering – we’ll install AMRs across all sites
  • Versatile service – we’ll adapt as you grow, just let us know as you’re expanding and we’ll provide multiple site supply contracts
  • Online gas account management – tracking your consumption online
  • Multiple utility connections – service alterations, meter installations, exchanges, upgrades, downgrades & removals
  • Regular meter reading reminders 3 days before the end of the month.

Here’s some great tips our team have put together to help your business grow, remain profitable and take steps to become a S-M-G-E (Small to Medium Green Enterprise).

10 Green tips to continually grow your business

Go Viral!

To begin with, actively promote yourself online through social media. Create a viral YouTube video. Up and coming fashion retailers regularly post on Instagram to launch new products and promotions. Give your followers an exclusive, make them want to like, follow and share.

Think like a Guerrilla

Without taking away too much of your bold, ambitious brand start turning your marketing presence into guerrilla warfare. Use subtlety to attack your competitors; attack down the flanks.
The flank attack can be used to replace one of your competitor’s weaker products that haven’t succeeded to serve uncovered needs in the market. For instance, big time department store retailers may release a new clothing range aimed at the elitists.
Why not mimic it? Stick your label on your trending designs and target a more affording audience. Target those left behind!

Get excited!

Make sure you’re enthusiastic about your brand, company and your daily routine. If your struggling for motivation on a Monday morning, take time to re-evaluate your schedule, delegate the more energetic tasks to the start of the day and as your High-Street retail store quietens down, focus on the more administrative tasks.
In order to motivate others; you should be motivated!

Keep your team happy

The key to running a successful business, (whether that’s a High-Street store, restaurant, hotel or commercial services) is to build a powerful and motivated team. Your team should be at the heart of your business; without great workplace relationships, your business could fall behind; to a tighter unit.

Network, Network, Network

It’s important to communicate off the High Street. Build up your network of industry professionals and create a list of influential contacts. Always attend a meeting with an agenda that helps you decide whether your counterpart will actually hold a positive influence on your business.
Your business network can consist of anyone from suppliers to customers to industry leaders and even competitors. By building a relationship with competitors you can share thoughts, offer advice and most importantly, gain subtle research. Once again, you’re thinking like a Guerrilla.

Paint yourself green

Maintaining a strong brand identity is important particularly for High Street stores; you want to maintain a strong presence within your community. Therefore, make some simple energy saving cutbacks such as using recycled packaging, charging for carrier bags and using low consuming lighting and heating equipment. Take steps to become an S-M-G-E (small to medium green enterprise) positioning your brand as a significant influencer within your local community.

Energy Efficient Vehicles

To enhance yourself as an S-M-G-E; consider low consuming vehicles. If you operate a number of company vehicles for employees, maybe you run deliveries or your employees are out on the road a lot.
Make sure to purchase or lease an electric or Hybrid vehicle such as Toyota Prius or Tesla Model X. Not only will you reduce the overall petrol costs as you’ll get higher mileage with less petrol. This is particularly beneficial if your sales, buyers or merchandising staff frequently visit opposite corners of the country.

Outsource for support

When you’re facing customers every day, during your busiest hours it can be difficult to manage everything, particularly on the administration side. Therefore, make sure you hire a virtual assistant. It might be a little off putting at first having someone so far away managing your business.
However, no one needs to know; for a small monthly fee, you could have someone organising your files and keeping the boring stuff up to date whilst you’re selling and adding value to customers.
Additionally, by making excruciating energy saving cutbacks, you’ll have some extra cash to support this. Moreover, in uncertain economic times outsourcing professional support can provide benefits even for a short period of time. For instance, with the implications of Brexit, hiring a consultant will empower you to make more profitable decisions.

Get techy!

Get an update. By making energy saving cutbacks you’re able to keep your office up to date. Install the latest technology from tablets to mobile phones to even more energy efficient light bulbs.
Be economical with your High-Street stores lighting, make sure your cabinets efficiently consume throughout your busiest hours. Making an energy saving cutback could pay for the latest tablets and mobile devices. Don’t let your utility bill suck up your profits!

Reward your customers

The final tip to help your business grow after making energy saving cutbacks is to reward your customers. Remember who’s loyal to your business. Create a loyalty scheme or just send your existing customers an email prompting them to visit your High-Street retail store with a discount code, beating the clutter of online retail.

Once you’ve started cutting back

With simple energy saving cutbacks new opportunities will become endless. Keep your team motivated and optimise your High-Street presence in order to become an innovator in your community, tackling some of the clutter from the online competition.
If you’d like more information about our energy services for High Street stores and growing SMEs get in touch with our Account Managers on 0161 762 1883 or email
Savings can take you down a new road, you might open a new shop or even purchase a franchise, if so make sure you secure a competitive energy supply contract. Make it easier, don’t overcharge yourself.