James Lee
- 27 June 2024

Meet new Gas Sales Team Leader, Vicky Collins

The Crown Gas & Power Gas Sales Team has a new addition! We sat down with Vicky Collins who is our new Gas Sales Team Leader to hear more about her plans moving into this new role.

So Vicky, tell us about yourself

Hi, I’m Vicky, I’ve worked at Crown Gas & Power for 6 ½ years and have recently progressed into the role of Gas Sales Team Leader. Previously working in Direct Sales, progressing to Direct Sales Team Leader and Now proud to be driving all the gas sales at Crown

My new role focuses on supporting our Energy Consultants and Account Managers, ensuring our team is providing the best service possible. Before moving to Crown Gas & Power, I worked at an energy broker for 4 years, so I’m well experienced in both sides of this role. Overall, my career adds up to an incredible 15+ years in sales.

What do you plan on bringing to the Gas Sales Team?

I’m here to deliver and celebrate success and will be focusing on areas of improvement within the team and working towards finding new solutions whilst having some fun on the way.

Of course, Crown Gas & Power already have a strong background such as our outstanding service from our dedicated account managers, same-day turnaround for pricing and flexible options to promote green gas. However, there is always room for improvement – otherwise, we wouldn’t be where we are today without it!

What is something you are going to be working on in your new role as Gas Sales Team Leader?

I love getting a deal across the line but I get even more joy from seeing my team succeed. I’m keen to focus on our renewals, over the last 3 years we have seen lots of growth so we have to get the right balance between retaining our existing customers and signing new ones. In order to do this we need to ensure we have great relationships with our Energy Consultants and be proactive in pricing our renewals. I know our customer service is the best in the business but it starts from the moment we issue a quote. I work very closely with Iain and Marek (our BDMS) who will be looking to meet with all energy consultants to ensure we are meeting the high standard we have set for ourselves.

We can see your passion for work, tell us about your personal passions…

My biggest hobby is travelling and experiencing new cultures (and their food). When not on my holidays, I can be found walking my beloved, crazy golden doodles, heading out socialising for drinks with friends, family, and my partner Tom.

Quick facts:

Tipple of choice: Strawberry Daiquiri

Coke or Pepsi: Coke – all day, glass bottle, or can. Definitely not plastic bottle version – it just isn’t the same.

Favourite biscuit: Jaffa Cake – but it’s a cake, not a biscuit

Favourite food: Sunday dinner – can’t beat it, I’d eat it everyday!

Favourite crisps: BBQ Beef Hula Hoops – preferably the Big Hula Hoops

First band seen live: Take That, supported by D:Ream

Favourite football team: HATE football!!!

Fun fact: I went to the gym twice – not for me.

If you would like to contact Vicky regarding a sales query, please email vicky.collins@crowngas.co.uk or telephone on 0161 543 4804