James Lee
- 15 May 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week

We all feel anxious from time to time, it is a natural response to the sometimes-uncertain world around us, but it’s important that we recognise and respond when we feel anxious, so that our anxiety doesn’t become overwhelming.

This is why the Mental Health Foundation have chosen anxiety as Mental Health Awareness Week theme this year, to kickstart a nationwide conversation encouraging people to share their own experiences and helpful ideas on how they manage anxiety.

We spoke to some of our employees at Crown Gas & Power to find out how they manage their anxiety:

Grace, Sales Support Administrator

I find walking is good for the mind and the soul. Here at Crown Gas & Power, I am quite lucky as there is such a lovely walk close by, it takes about 40 minutes on my lunch break and I pass the water of the River Roch, farm, and the animals. You wouldn’t quite believe you were only on a lunch break especially when the sun is out shining. It refreshes me for the afternoon ahead and gives me a clear mindset.

I find walking in general provides the best of both worlds. Not only the physical benefits but your emotional well-being and you can get up and go wherever or whenever you wish. Even a walk as short as 30 minutes every day can ease you of stress and anxiety. I highly recommend.

River walk

Abi, Service Delivery Coordinator 

I find that having a dog really helps my mental wellbeing, especially when it comes to anxiety, knowing I have this adorable soul waiting for his daily walks get me moving around being active and reducing stress through this, as well as this, it gets me outside enjoying the fresh air, which is always a bonus.

The structure that owning a dog adds to my day helps to keep a routine, knowing that there’s a walk to go on, even on the days where you really don’t want to leave your house, makes it all worthwhile after you’ve thrown countless sticks and met all the other dog walkers on your route.

Beau dog

Ben, IT Infrastructure Manager–

Using the gym helps me push past one of my largest anxieties, which is failure. It’s taught me what rock bottom can look like, the floor is only as far as you can fall and that you just need to get up and try again.

It has also provided me with a structured sense of purpose, in a world where chaos can seem so daunting, it allows me to disconnect and focus on being the best version of myself. Knowing that when I pull up outside the gym, I’m in my own world, I can control what happens next and push myself to my limits, sometimes I can even go past these limits. I always leave feeling fulfilled and happy with the work I’ve put it, it drives me to go continue going.

For more information on how you can Get Help for Anxiety, or any other mental health issue, please visit https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/explore-mental-health/get-help