Crown Gas & Power - Terms & Conditions

Supply, Site Works & Micro Businesses

Please find our Terms & Conditions attached below:

For the supply of Natural Gas

Please find our Terms & Conditions, which are attached to every contract agreement signed with Crown Gas & Power.

Crown Gas & Power’s Terms & Conditions

For Siteworks & Connection Services

Please find our Terms & Conditions for the Provision of our Siteworks Services.

Siteworks Terms & Conditions

What Our Customers Say

You’ve made the process very simple, turned things around very quickly and kept me up to date all the way. It is really refreshing to have such a service with a new connection.

Rory - Broker

Categorically an outstanding, dedicated, professional albeit friendly sitework team who have proactively worked with us to deliver substantial results.

Katie - Broker

Prompt, accurate, friendly and professional service.

Stewart Hugill - Customer