- 28 March 2017

New Life Fundraising: Nick & Sophie’s Sky Dive


New Life fundraising for 2017…

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here.
The sky dive took place on Saturday 25th March 2017!
Two members of our team took part in a sponsored jump, supporting one of our regional charities New Life Foundation (The Charity for Disabled Children). From our New Life fundraising event we managed to raise £1,200 which goes towards further nursing care, specialist equipment & important medical research.

Our previous charity work

Earlier this month, you’ll remember when our team went all out for World Book Day, dressed as characters from their favourite books in aid of another one of our chosen Greater Manchester charities; Bury Hospice. Here we managed to raise up to £400. This went straight to support the Hospice, to expand and continually provide it’s residents with nursing care and medical equipment.
Furthermore, for the New Life Foundation we have a continuous fundraising flow. Through confectionary sales. If you’re feeling hungry in our office, grab a Kit Kat, take a break & simply donate to change a child’s life.

The latest New Life fundraising Event

The Sponsored Sky Dive took place on Saturday 25th March 2017. Nick Boswell one of our TPI Account Managers and Sophie Cropper from the Billing team put their faith into their Sky Diving Instructor as they took a 10,000 ft leap.

New Life Fundraising will be open for 1 more week

After successfully raising £1,200 for the New Life Foundation, we’ve decided to keep the donations open for 1 more week after the event. So we can continue to support such an amazing cause.

Who are New Life Foundation (The Charity for Disabled Children)

Founded in 1991, New Life is the UK’s largest charitable provider of children’s specialist disability equipment. New Life are responsible for the care and support of less fortunate children throughout the UK.

Where your donations have gone

Nurse Care – New Life’s nurses cover the help line which supports families who require assistance accessing their local child support services.
Equipment Services – New Life also offer grants for essential medical equipment for children with disabilities or terminal illness if the national health care and social care services cannot help. The incredible New Life Nurses will organise the grant straight from New Life’s funds.
Medical Research – As well as providing equipment, New Life invest time and money into researching new techniques which’ll hopefully improve child health, treatment and the knowledge to prevent disability. Some of their research focuses on; conditions that cause lost pregnancies such as: brain malformations, organ defects, syndromes and conditions causing cancers and loss of sensory or physical ability.
For more information about what the New Life Charity are up to in your local area visit their website
Keep up to date with our latest charity events by following us on social media: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. If you’re a charity and you would like to work with Crown Gas & Power, get in touch at
For our next event: Energy Account Manager, Jackson Sutcliffe & Site Works Coordinator, Daniel Madden will be taking part in the Great North Run, sponsored by New Life Foundation.