- 11 March 2017

Operations Apprentice: Heidi’s Story


Heidi joined our team in 2013, at the age of 16. Her first position within Crown Gas & Power was SPA administrator, she has managed to obtain valuable experience within the energy industry, across all teams from accounts and metering to customer service and sales.

Heidi’s story

The team here at Crown Gas & Power has grown significantly over the last 3 years. Adapting to change is something that has come naturally to Heidi; she has become an inspired individual within her team, being able to quickly manage and resolve all customer enquiries. After expanding her experience, Heidi’s position changed from SPA Administrator to Customer Relations Advisor.
Since joining in 2013, Heidi has taken on numerous responsibilities; such as managing all meter exchanges, ensuring all information is transferable and easily understood by all departments. Heidi also plays a huge part in preparing our company for the Smart & Advanced Metering rollout. She is responsible for ensuring all customers have an AMR installed once they’ve switched to us. She consistently communicates with all parties to ensure each customer’s installation process runs smoothly.
One of Heidi’s core aims is to get involved with the more technical side of business gas, from assisting customers with meter exchanges & AMR, she’s learned and developed new skills. Further emphasising that starting as an apprentice within a smaller, expanding company sets out continuous, free-flowing career progression.
Throughout Heidi’s development at Crown Gas & Power she has had access to an extensive array of resources and support to ensure her career progresses in the right direction. A stand-out influence on her journey has been our Business Support Manager Jonathan Matthews, who has provided support and training whilst Heidi worked across all back-office teams.
Whilst Heidi swiftly developed into an inspiring problem solver; her ambitions have opened up new opportunities. Her ambition is to grow and pursue a career in the Siteworksteam and take on further responsibilities as our company grows.