- 22 May 2017

Finding the perfect role model: Inspiration Mondays


It’s inspiration Monday’s

Today we’ll discuss a few Monday motivating tips to find the right role model, networking group & overcome those late afternoon sales blocks.
Particularly right now, Monday afternoons can be quite draining. Therefore, look for a role model someone you often look up to. As Karim mentioned your role model doesn’t need to be someone that’s world renowned that everyone’s heard of, they need to be someone with traits similar to your own or just above you. Find a role model that’s closer to you, within your own network.
Today I’ll give you a few useful tips to help you source the right role model.
Firstly, don’t just look for the biggest “celebrity entrepreneur” start small, even look around your office, pick out someone you can observe every day. Build up a smaller network.

Smaller Networking groups

Align yourself with business professionals and influential industry leaders. Then you’ll have a solid group of connections to fall back on if you’re ever short of leads or if you’re in need of some extra motivation and inspiring business advice. Look in the right places, from inside your office to relevant networking events. Make sure you surround yourself with inspiration.
Networking is important for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s important not only to meet potential leads or raise brand awareness; you should also look for advice, find a role model, someone in a similar industry, with “all t-shirts in their wardrobe”. Get more people involved, keep to the point rather than; expressing a loud, extensive and complicated approach.
Yes you may feel being a loud, overly confident salesperson brings in the most money, but in some cases, it’s more about adding personalisation, patience and clarity to your sales process.

Network with inspiring, innovative people

Attend industry events, bustling with entrepreneurs and leaders within your industry. Before you attend, develop a “social strategy.” Answer the following questions:
Who it is you’re looking to meet?

  • Competitors, investors, new employees, colleagues, partnerships, recruiters, accountants or marketers.

What you’d like to learn?

  • From determining a list of people you’d like to network with, focus on what you want to learn from each group. Such as how your competitors operate and how outside consultants could benefit your business growth. Make sure you’re ambitiously networking.

What will you achieve from this event?

  • Now you know who you want to meet and what you want to learn. Determine what goals you’d like to achieve from attending networking events. Whether it’s receiving advice from industry leaders, taking a competitive advantage, crowdfunding or collaborating with an ambitious team.

Don’t be a sheep

Don’t let the wrong people influence you. You want to maintain, honest, fair and investable relationships with your network. Don’t follow others, find people in your own niche. Don’t just follow your friends or colleagues around, you will want to find a role model close to you.
Therefore, don’t just take advice from anyone. Evaluate how it’ll benefit you. Think about how much you’ll take from it. You’ll realise that once you’ve attended a handful of your first networking events you’ll find people aren’t what they made themselves out. Out of all the business cards, you collect, separate them into unsupportive and supportive contacts. You know what to do with the unsupportive ones!

Create your own sales process

To finalise, in order to keep you motivated this Monday, keep an eye on your chosen role model & shadow them. Although to provide that extra bit of motivation, during those sales blocks where time drags further, we’d recommend you take a more creative approach to your general sales pitch.

  1. Set yourself a theme for each segment you provide for.
  2. Write a new script for each and set yourself an “improvisation strategy” to ensure you stay on topic. Think about what you’re going to forget before you forget it. (Remind yourself of the nitty gritty bits)
  3. By summarising your T&Cs, you’ll always have the foundations to answer customer queries & sales enquiries as they come in.
  4. Not everything goes to plan, so set a contingency, fill your screen with sticky notes, make sure you have sufficient product knowledge & there’s no question you cannot answer.

When you’re feeling down & slightly demotivated, find a role model closer to home. Build up 2 networks in office & local, pick 3 co-workers & 3 friends to confide in, always have someone to fall back on. Go to your colleagues for office advice or take 10 minutes to call your friend for humour & motivation.
Once you’ve picked up your motivation. Create your own inspiring sales process; don’t focus on pushy persuasion, focus on motivating your clients to purchase, you’ll end up improving your service, and developing influential, loyal relationships. The simple motivating ratio involves 80% listening and 20% talking — delve into the problem before proving a solution.