- 17 May 2017

How can Property Managers improve their energy efficiency rating?

Did you know that one third of commercial buildings could become unlettable by April 2018? Yes, this is true as according to the UK’s Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards.
33% of buildings with ratings of D or E will be dropped and deemed as inefficient. Consequently, not adhering; means that Landlords and Property Managers will be unable to draw up any new tenancy agreements.
Commercial Property Managers will end up missing out on new opportunities. As of April 2018, under the Energy Act. Owners of non compliant buildings could even receive fines extending to £150,000. (Brendan Coyle, The Energyst, 2017)
It’s not just reducing consumption that’ll help you to save on your energy bills & improve efficiency. Subsequently, it’s also by maintaining accuracy from submitting regular meter readings. Which’ll eventually help Property Managers and Proprietors to cutback on the usual dilemmas once you’re billed at the end of the month.

It’s important to focus on energy efficiency

Did you know that around £78.5m was overcharged to companies operating in the property market (Inenco, Missing Millions, 2017)? Furthermore, emphasising how important it is to regularly manage and audit your energy consumption.
As we’re firmly into 2017 and Brexit negotiations are underway, it’s important to adjust processes to accommodate sudden regulation changes.

The benefits of creating a well-organised energy environment & higher EPC ratings:

  • Lower running costs
  • Cheaper and more controllable utility bills
  • More popular amongst occupiers (Webb, Cushman & Wakefield, 2017)
  • You’ll be able to keep your property up to date
  • Your rating is solidified for the next 10 years

Let’s have a look at some unequivocal techniques to keep your property up to date, reduce your annual utility spend and adhere to the UK’s Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards.
Nevertheless, 2018 might seem a while off, but it’s important to start making changes now and adapt. Don’t fall foul to a £150,000 fine.

What should Property Managers do to obtain a high energy efficiency rating (EPC rating)?

Check your infrastructure first

Commercial Property Managers have the responsibility to ensure that the correct arrangements are made. In order to keep your establishment’s infrastructure up to date.
To begin with, let’s start with roof insulation, which should be at least 270 mm in depth. It’s important to create a comfortable and organised energy environment.
Furthermore, by sealing up gaps and holes in windows and doors you’ll trap heat inside, ensuring you save on your monthly heating bills.
Additionally, your utility infrastructure might need updating.  Most recently, the UK’s Smart Meter rollout has come under critical scrutiny by Dieter Helm of Oxford University (Grimwood, Utility Week, 2017).
He proclaims that suppliers taking the lead to distribute Smart Meter’s has obstructed the 2020 target. Therefore, ensure you’re working with a supplier who’s actively adapting to the latest metering technology.

Replace your lighting for a better EPC rating

We mention frequently about saving on your electricity. Therefore, in order to consume electricity more efficiently to improve your EPC rating. You could consider converting all lighting to LED. Likewise, you could even try and find a way to purchase Singled LED bulbs from the USA!

Update to Smart technology

As a Multi-site Property Manager, we know it can be complex managing a large real estate portfolio. By submitting regular meter readings to keeping track of the transactions across sites. This is why at Crown Gas and Power, we’re committed to installing Automated Meter Readers, across all sites under our gas supply.
Furthermore, no matter whether you’re running 2, 10 or 1000 properties. You probably have a very busy schedule. Therefore, utilise the latest technology available or hire a Virtual Assistant to keep your life in check, organise your calendar or even take charge of all that tedious administrative work.
We also suggest that within your commercial property portfolio, you start upgrading and connecting your properties with the latest low consuming, Smarter Technology; whether that includes utility controls, music players, television, cooking or hygiene appliances.

Audit your energy consumption

At Crown Gas and Power, we believe it’s important for Commercial Property Managers to regularly audit and keep updated on how much energy exactly is consumed each month.
Rather than keeping hold of paperwork & checking each individual bill. We’ve developed a web-based property management application; for Managing Agents. Presenting a clear and concise overview of gas consumption, payments and a full statement of accounts.
The best way to arrange an energy audit is to obtain a partnership with an Energy Procurement and Management Specialist.
There are numerous organisations who’ve obtained experience maintaining energy efficiency for UK Property Managers. Therefore, once you’ve found a Management Consultant that matches your requirements. They’ll then be able to manage, procure and ensure your gas (or electricity) supply is consistent & well-organised.

Make sure your tenants are aware

It’s great that you’re taking the time to measure and improve your commercial property’s energy efficiency rating (EPC Rating). However, how much do your tenants know about your new initiative?
Here are 2 ideas you could incorporate to ensure tenants, start consuming energy efficiently.

Publish Email newsletters

Start by sending out a monthly newsletter to tenants, around a week after you’ve collected rent, so there are no clashes. Present some tips to help them save on their energy bills for the future. Help them to help you become more energy efficient.

Tenancy agreements

Within every contract and tenancy agreement, it’s important to keep your people informed of any new strategies, terms and other charges involved in the rent.
We think it’s important to give your tenants access to their Annual Quantity, then break it down into devices. Such  as “30% of your usage is likely to be spent on heating & 20% of your usage is likely to be spent on computer usage.”

Now that you have adapted to change

As a result of seeing a reduction in the overall energy consumption and after creating a greener, more comfortable environment. Subsequently, you’ll want to apply for a new Energy Performance Certificate.
To do this you’ll need to contact an Accredited Energy Assessor; who’ll rigorously
assess your properties. Furthermore, expressing the importance of maintaining a well-organised property.
If you’d like more information about our services to landlords and Property Managing Agents, get in touch with our team to find out more about our commercial gas contracts or Site Works services. Call us on 0161 762 7744 or email for more information.

Here’s a quick overview of our Property Management Gas Services:

  • MAgent Portal. With our latest gas property management application, we’ll make it easier to manage individual sites, monitor payments and easily access important documentation. Maintaining that new energy efficiency rating.
  • Simplified billing & credit processes. Credit decisions can be made in the client’s entire portfolio, rather than just individual customers. I.e. Direct Debit or BACs.
  • We take a portfolio view. Most importantly, we’ll assist Property Managers to obtain competitive prices and common contract dates, suitable for renewing large portfolios.
  • Automated Meter Reader installations. To improve accuracy, we will offer AMR installations, ensuring all sites are billed to a more accurate meter reading.
  • Simply Change Tenancies. We’re committed to providing Property Managing Agents a quick turnaround to ensure contracts are up to date, especially for the less operational sites.
  • Multiple Utility Connections: In addition, we’re experienced in all meter installations, exchanges, removals, upgrades, downgrades, service alterations & disconnections. For gas, electricity and now water