- 1 June 2017

Consider Carbon Offsetting – Avoid an overpriced energy bill

Why should your business overspend? Consider Carbon Offsetting

Did you know that in the hospitality sector; restaurants use five to seven times more energy per square foot than any other commercial property?
In comparison, the busier, high volume restaurants may consume up to 10 times more. (Energy Star, 2014)
Make it your mission throughout the summer of 2017, not to get your profits crossed with an overpriced energy bill. Therefore, we’ll introduce a few ideas to help your business to consume cautiously whilst maintaining highly productive & profitable.
At Crown Gas & Power, our natural gas and connection services can be immaculately adjusted in order to benefit your growing enterprise. We’ll support: restaurants, public houses, take-aways, large & small hotels, multiple site chains and franchises. Furthermore, we also work with a number of commercial energy consultants specialising in procuring energy contracts for the hospitality sector.
The sun’s out and the customers are flocking by the hundreds each weekend. Therefore, to avoid an extremely costly, monthly energy bill throughout the summer it’s important to consider these six thoughts.

  • Lower your carbon footprint – Bring out the green paint
  • “Oh Naturale” – use more natural resources & recycle
  • Use equipment efficiently
  • Empower everyone
  • Understand the terms within your bill
  • Build up an energy profile

In addition, to add to your ambitions whilst you’ve started to implement a new energy saving strategy at your restaurant or pub; with the money saved your opportunities are endless. Make changes to your budget and invest in making improvements to your service.

Let’s start with some restaurant energy saving conceptions

Be less hospitable to your carbon emissions

Hospitality might be drilled into your main values. However, take a more laid back approach with greenhouse gases & carbon emissions. Start cutting back; even offsetting your carbon emissions. There’s no better time to start incorporating carbon offsetting into your restaurant then the summer. Furthermore, as a local restaurant, there’s nothing better than being an environmental influencer within your local community. Start expressing yourself as a green brand at the peak of your community.
Here’s what you should do to offset & reduce your carbon emissions

  • Cut down on the short distance driving
  • Cycle to work – Even build a partnership with Deliveroo
  • Electric delivery vehicles
  • Insulate & fill up any drafts and leaks
  • Monitor the room temperature
  • Recycle
  • Consider more natural/organic produce
  • Use environmentally friendly food suppliers
  • Donate food wastage – Just because you won’t sell it doesn’t mean no one else will eat it.

We’ll discuss a few in more detail…

Go natural

Start sourcing more natural resources not just for your products, but also your packaging. For instance, if you’re running a gaudy, yet antique coffee shop at the peak of your local community; consider taking a leaf off Starbuck’s tree. Offer something back!
You could even go all out and organise a team trip to South America to meet coffee farmers. This enlightens your brand as a community innovator as well as providing inspiration for your team.

Use equipment efficiently

Did you know that a leaky fridge or freezer door that does not shut properly, wastes not only food but could be adding to energy bill every month?
Therefore, it’s important to perform regular maintenance on your kitchen and infrastructural equipment. We emphasise that for hospitality businesses, it’s important to keep your kit updated in order to keep a steady consumption flow.
This doesn’t just include your appliances within the kitchen as lighting is known to take up at least 13% of your total monthly energy (Energy Star, 2014).
Therefore, time switches, dimmers & occupancy sensors could be crucial to supporting monthly energy cutbacks. Moreover, the position of your bright exit signs remains important. Is it really necessary to have a luminous exit sign where no one will see it?

Empower your people

If you want to instate change, you have to be motivating. Get your whole team involved from front of house to kitchen staff to back office. Building a strong unit is important not only to boost productivity & profitability. But also by enthusing an atmosphere based on the fundamentals of freedom your team will naturally start working towards lowering carbon emissions at your restaurant.

Create an empowered team – let the reigns of power, rain down on your entire workforce.

Don’t throw out your leftovers

Another way to start offsetting your carbon emissions is to recycle your leftovers and unopened food packages. Now we’re not suggesting you play Frisbee with leftover pizza. As you’re only selling fresh & organic foods; instead consider donating anything left at the end of the day to local charities.

Creating an energy profile

Once you’ve encountered some of the problems which might occur with energy management it’s important to consider profiling your energy. Make environmental friendliness part of your brand identity. Start positioning your restaurant as a winner in Carbon Offsetting & reducing emissions.

Here’s what should make up your energy profile:

  • Including new, fresh, organic & natural foods to your menu
  • You’re recognised by Deliveroo & use their bikes as a core mode of delivery transport
  • You’re also regularly donating any leftover food or unopened packets to charity, opposed to throwing out
  • Your entire team have obtained empowerment to help lower your carbon emissions
  • You now regularly maintain your equipment ensuring you cut down on idle appliances

Our Energy Services

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