- 12 April 2017

7 Strange energy sources that could supply your business

7 Strange energy sources that could supply your business

We’ve discussed different techniques to save on your energy bill by monitoring consumption, taking regular meter readings and even switching suppliers. Within this post, we’ll take a more lighthearted approach. Renewable energy is on the rise. There are numerous strange energy sources around, which possibly could be used to keep you bright and toasty this Winter. Which strange energy source do you prefer?
Although, we wouldn’t recommend actively using these sources, some of them might have disastrous consequences.

Strange energy source #1: Leftover food

Biogas can be obtained from the collection of rotting fresh foods and beverages. Such as Coffee and fruit skins. Simply by scavenging organic waste from city businesses and putting it all together you could create a greener initiative at your premises. You’ll recognise this approach to renewable energy from the Hollywood blockbuster Back to the Future.

Strange energy source #2: Electric eels

A Japanese aquarium, lit up their Christmas tree using energy obtained from Electric eels. Simply by using an Eels defense mechanism; by installing a large fish tank in your office, you could be running on eel Power. Put a thousand eels in a tank and you might be able to watch a full series on Netflix. Electric Eels would be an unrealistic, costly strange energy source. 

Strange energy Source #3: Livestock

Have you ever seen a cow fly?
Well this strange energy source brings that possibility to life. As each burp/trump produces methane gas. Which subtly is harming the environment.
Cows are actually responsible for causing global warming. Therefore, by simply attaching a balloon to a cow’s rear you’ll collect the gas and provide an interestingly, unconventional renewable gas source. Who said cows can’t fly?!

Strange energy source #4: Muscle Power

In Hong Kong there’s a gym with an innovative new machine which converts human energy into electricity. So whilst you’re working out in the gym, you’re also keeping the lights on. So next time there’s a power cut during your morning workout, it’s because you’re not working hard enough.
To put some figures together, on the bench press; it’s possible for the average person to generate up to 50 watts per hour. Similarly on an electric pedal bike the average, active person could generate 500 watts of power. This is one great way to keep fit whilst watching television. Just don’t stop pedaling; you’ll end on a cliffhanger.

Strange energy source #5: Human waste

As well as coming from cattle. Obscure energy can also be obtained from human waste. We definitely wouldn’t recommend this strange energy source. It’ll get very messy in the office if you’re collecting everyone’s waste just to keep the lights on. However, urine has been known to provide a better source than water, once it’s been hydrolysed.
Additionally, high obesity levels provide an energy source; as our own fat can also be used as a replacement for oil; creating Biodiesel.

Strange energy source #6: Texting

In the UK we send over a Billion text messages a week. Keeping your head down and your mobile obsession could become a strange energy source.
A few years back Push to Charge released a mobile phone featuring plastic buttons on top of a hard metal casing. Each time a button is pressed it would produce a minimal wattage of 0.5W.
However, when you think about how many times a button is pressed whilst typing the wattage will multiply. Producing quite a lot of power. Imagine what Apple or Samsung could do with this idea. As the original phone was taken out of the market for unsuccessful performance.

Strange energy source #7: Breathing

The final, probably simplest and easiest to accomplish is breathing. After digging out the Daily Mail’s archives we’ve discovered a breathing device which can be used to charge up your phone; aimed at the fitness and wellbeing market.
The device would work whilst sleeping or exercising, during moments of intensive breathing. Although, most recently it’s simpler to charge your phone wirelessly. By breathing it’ll provide a renewable and cost effective source in the long term.
After looking at strange energy sources that provide renewable energy. With all these options, it makes you wonder how easy it can be to reduce your carbon emissions and present a greener initiative for your business.
We’re not suggesting using any of these strange energy sources. However, simply take measures to maintain your carbon footprint; offset emissions, use less power, upgrade infrastructure or even use an alternative method of transport.