- 18 March 2017

Running a business in the UK’s advanced Sharing Economy


SME’s and how best to utilise technology

It’s all on your phone – Creating a smarter business model

In the UK sharing services has become more common for the majority. We don’t just mean sharing your best moments on social media; we’re talking about the Sharing Economy.
The UK’s Sharing Economy has grown quicker than any other country in Europe over the last 2 years, accumulating £7.4 billion in 2015. Furthermore, PWC, expect growth of over 30% a year throughout the next decade (PWC, 2015).
Some of our favourites include:

  • AirBnB – London is now the third biggest city in terms of places to stay
  • One Fine Stay – targeting the luxury market
  • Short haul rides – Uber & exclusive online car club Zipcar

After observing PWC’s research into the UK Sharing Economy we’ve had a look at how smaller businesses & Executives alike can run most of their daily tasks from the comfort of their own smartphone.

Straight from the top

Did you know? Coca Cola’s General Manager runs most of his daily tasks from his mobile. (Forbes, 2014)

Here’s 12 great applications to keep you productive & put a limit on the boring bits – capitialising on our Sharing Economy:

Quickbooks is a great online application for managing all your incomings and outgoings once you’re up and running. However, if you’re strapped for cash, and you’re looking for investment to boost your latest product launch. Take advantage of the UK’s Sharing Economy; applications like Kickstarter or Crowdcube allow you to post your latest ideas, give the general spiel and request investment from other supporting entrepreneurs.

Keep your files secure with Dropbox or Google Apps

Data security was a concern a few years ago when opening cloud based files on your personal phone. However, with secure servers through Dropbox or Google, all tasks, important documents and files can be stored and opened on most devices. Furthermore, nowadays there’s an app to open most files, just search the app store for a free document viewer or editor. You’ll find a cheaper or free alternative.

Share the load with a Virtual Assistant or TaskRabbit

As a busy Executive or Micro business owner, it’s likely that you’ll be very busy managing your business and providing the perfect customer service. Therefore, once you’ve set up applications like Quickbooks to control your outgoings consider hiring a Virtual Assistant to manage those tedious data entry tasks. You should be focussed on improving customer loyalty or writing; not entering data into Spreadsheets.

Order your breakfast or fill the table for your morning meetings with UberEats or Deliveroo

Why not impress your clients with breakfast or lunch during today’s meetings. Make a quick reservation on Deliveroo or UberEats if they’re in your area. Meals on wheels is back with a technological boost. There’s no need to send your assistant out, just give them your UberEats account.

Schedule in advance with JustPark, AirBnb or Uber

How many meetings do you have scheduled in bustling UK city centres? Make sure you’re taking full advantage of our sharing economy; use JustPark and find parking spaces in advance. It’s always better to organise first, avoiding unnecessary fines and queueing around city streets. Furthermore, Uber provides a quick short haul opportunity. If you don’t want to pay extortionate parking prices, use JustPark outside the center and Uber it into town perfectly in time for your meeting. Avoid those unnecessary spotsearches.
For those nights when your meeting runs a little longer. AirBnB is the best alternative to hotel bookings in our advanced Sharing Economy. Simply book a clean, secure and cheaper alternative to the big chains.
To finish, you’ll find your schedule is smoother and adjustable to your daily environment once you’ve planned in advance and organised everything from lunch to transport. All you’ll need to provide is your best spiel & usual charm.
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