James Lee
- 15 November 2022

Simple ways to keep your energy use down this winter

Glass roof inside a modern office building

With the winter months approaching, at Crown Gas & Power we have put together some simple suggestions to help SMEs keep their energy costs down.

Employees can help reduce the impact of energy usage within a business by making simple changes at the office.

Firstly, if your company objective is to reduce energy bills and create a better, greener work environment, make sure that message is clear, alongside the steps you are wanting to take to make the end goal happen.

After objective setting, start looking at what individuals at your office can do to help, for example their workstations will feature items that always live on standby. Making sure that machines are fully switched off, rather than left to sleep, can make a difference to overall energy usage. Another element businesses can look out for is the age of machinery. The older the piece of equipment, the more power it uses. Energy usage is displayed on all machinery so look to purchase more energy efficient equipment for the office.

Some other changes that businesses can make can be as simple as rearranging the seating arrangements. By making sure that everyone is located within well-lit areas, the need for lighting is less overall. As well as this simple action, the use of automatic lighting can also help to reduce energy costs. Crown Gas & Power made this change earlier in 2022 to reduce electricity usage in lesser used rooms and staircases.

It is important to review where employees are sitting. Making sure that any employees are sitting away from windows means they are away from potential draughts, making them less likely to become cold on winter days and eliminating the need for extra heating.

Maintaining the office to ensure that heat is kept in during the winter will make a difference. Additions to the building itself, such as insulation in the roof, walls and properly sealed windows can reduce the reliance on the thermostat.

Finally, businesses can start the process by making sure they are with a good, trustworthy supplier. Crown Gas & Power offer competitive business gas prices alongside online account management and a customer portal, enabling you to quickly monitor your energy consumption and billing details to keep on track with your energy usage.

To find out more about what we can offer your business, look at our business gas supply page or contact us today.