- 11 May 2017

Understanding the terms within our simplified commercial gas bill


Understanding the terms within our simplified commercial gas bill

We believe in providing a simplified approach to your business energy, whether it’s switching suppliers, paying your bills or keeping track of your gas online. At Crown Gas & Power our simplified business gas bill accommodates all our consumers. We’ve amended our gas billing process to ensure the most important information is clearly displayed. We want all our customers to thoroughly understand their bill and the different charges involved.

For a quick overview of your commercial gas bill

The invoice total

Clearly stated at the top of your invoice is the total amount owed. Simply you’ll be able to understand how the subtotal is calculated, and what other charges are involved. The invoice total figure is the amount you owe after any previous payments, credit payments, your meter reading and monthly gas consumption.

Monthly gas consumption

Within our newly designed gas invoices your most recent meter reading and consumption amount will be clearly displayed within a table. Furthermore, our customers can quickly cross reference their previous invoices online within their Customer Portal, this enables you to check monthly consumption patterns also through regularly updated charts.

For a more thorough understanding of your commercial gas bill

To go into more detail, we’ve translated some of the more technical terms and written a few definitions on the back of our invoice. These contain information such as why your bill might have been estimated, how your bill is calculated and what additional charges are involved in your bill: such as standing charge or vat.

Why would I receive an estimated gas bill?

We request all our customers to submit regular monthly meter readings, to further ensure your business gas invoice has been produced and delivered accurately. Your meter readings are clearly displayed on your bill.
If you’ve received an estimate, the reason could be that we haven’t received an actual meter reading. However, if our customers receive an estimated business gas bill, simply by contacting our team (up to 10 days from the invoice date) we’ll be able to resolve the situation and work out a plan to ensure you no longer receive gas estimations.
This situation could be quickly resolved by either arranging for an AMR to be installed or opting into receive monthly meter read email reminders.

Simplified costings & calculations

Cost per unit – you’ll be able to view the exact cost of each unit of gas, allowing you to determine exactly how much you’re spending. Each unit is measured in Kilowatts per hour (kWh), you’ll be able to see exactly what formula we use to calculate each of our business gas invoices.
Standing Charges – these are fixed costs involved across all business gas contracts, these cover areas such as your gas meter and general servicing costs.

Other Charges

Climate Change Levy

There are some other parts of the gas bill that are important for you to take note of, such as Climate Change Levy (CCL) and government and regulatory incentives which are mandatory within the energy industry. Furthermore, you’ll also have relevant contract details on your invoice such as the initial invoice date, due date and contract end date.

Contract Information

Our customer’s also need to clearly understand the different types of contract should any changes occur to their gas supply. For instance, the back of our commercial gas bills contains deemed and out of contract information in order to inform you of a situation such as moving properties or contract expiry.  It’s our responsibility to ensure each commercial or industrial property under a business gas contract with us, consumes at a competitive, fair rate.
Deemed Rates only occur when no contract is in place. If your business is receiving gas bills based on Deemed Rates, the likely situation is that you’ve just moved in and haven’t procured a new supply contract yet. Therefore, get in touch with our team today on 0161 762 7744 to discuss your sites new supply contract. Alternatively, obtain a gas price online!
For further questions about your business gas bill get in touch with our team today on 0161 762 7744 we’ll be able to resolve your queries promptly. We aim to ensure all gas bills we distribute are produced accurately. Therefore, we reiterate to all our customers to regularly submit meter readings, or arrange for an Automated Meter Reader installation to ensure you’re always on the receiving end of an accurate commercial gas service.