gas meter

Standard New Gas Meter Installs

Crown Gas & Power’s ‘standard meters’ cover your synethic diahpram meters.

Everything from SMART to AMR-compatible meters ranging from U6 to U100 meters, we have you covered.

gas meter underground set up

Non-Standard Gas Meter Installations

Need a bit more capacity? or maybe you need a specific fit of meter? Either way our non-standard gas meter installstions may suit you better.

Specalising in both rotary and turbine meters we can help plan and design your new gas meter to suit your needs.

Gas Meter Kiosks

With each of our new installations we include a kiosk to keep your gas meter safe and secure.

Depending on the gas meter these can range from boxes that fit over your meter to entire constructions. We will work with you to find the best suited design for your property.

Medium Pressure Gas Meter Installstions

Medium pressure gas meters come with some constraints that must be ahdeered to such as being positioned outside.

We will work with you and design a compatible meter and housing for those that require medium pressure services.

Why Choose Crown Gas & Power?

Crown Gas & Power is one of the UK’s leading multi-utility companies. With our wealth of knowledge and experise in the industry our team specialise in water, gas and electric connections and metering solutions. You can be confident in us to deliver bespoke project management for all your utility infrastructure and connections, on time and exceed expectations.

If it all looks too complicated, then give us a call on 0161 762 7744, our friendly team we will advise you on which new gas metering service is right for you, from start to finish.

If you’re not ready to make the call yet, please see some of our ‘new gas meter installation’ FAQ’s below which may help.



What Our Customers Say

Categorically an outstanding, dedicated, professional albeit friendly sitework team who have proactively worked with us to deliver substantial results.

Katie - Broker

We are really happy with the service from Crown Gas & Power. We submit readings and receive invoices on time.

Catherine - Customer

You’ve made the process very simple, turned things around very quickly and kept me up to date all the way. It is really refreshing to have such a service with a new connection.

Rory - Broker