- 31 May 2017

Successful Business Leaders: How to start winning?

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Simple traits for successful business leaders

So recently I’ve stumbled across an article based on the peculiar habits that leading, influential business leaders have obtained on their road to success. Therefore, I thought I’d share some thoughts & invaluable tips you could possibly include into your daily lives in order to become more successful, improve productivity and help your business raise profits.

Don’t let others stand in the way

Most influential business leaders stand tall and make themselves counted, whilst taking full control of their business. Not everyone will succumb to your ambitions — therefore a great characteristic to maintain is resilience. When those unsupportive, critical comments arise like “you’re crazy; the idea won’t pay off” focus on what you’ve previously achieved, pose a reminder to yourself and your peers.
Constructive & unsupportive criticism have their differences. When introducing a new business paradigm to the world; prepare yourself for the mixture of professional opinions firing your way. Furthermore, filter out your comments: for now ignore the positive and focus on removing unsupportive comments from constructive comments. Those who leave constructive criticism are more likely to invest or engage further with your idea.
Furthermore, as networking is key to business growth, focus on getting clear opinions from innovative business leaders and other entrepreneurial pioneers within your industry and the wider business community.

How to discover who’s most important to your plan?

After attending a networking event you’ll collect numerous business cards. Try and remember who liked your ideas, who was constructive and who was unsupportive. Place those unsupportive contacts straight in the trash.

Don’t let lack of ambition drive your business down

Whilst you’re remaining ambitious about your new business experiment; whether it’s a new piece of copy or an adventurous sales strategy, aim high, continue dreaming and see your idea through to the success and completion stage. Whether that’s increasing sales, improving online engagement or raising brand awareness.
Not every idea you create is a big idea. Not all business leaders obtain success straight away. This might discourage others from investing or supporting your idea. However, that’s why it’s important to network and improve that list of supportive, investable contacts.
One of the main reasons bold ideas tend to fail is not due to lack of investment. Instead, it’s due to lack of resilience. Therefore, be more ambitious, make note of those failures, keep a log with an explanation, regularly reference back and provide yourself with more inspiration to succeed in other ventures.
Failure is the stepping stone for further success.

Keep Dreaming — aim for the top

Don’t limit yourself to a set of long-term objectives. Instead, create a series of short term, more achievable SMART goals. If you aren’t hitting that goal, there is no need to worry, focus on the others. Failure to achieve goals only adds fuel to your dreams, encouraging success in future goals or ventures.
As an ambitious business leader doesn’t hold back when chasing dreams, present a more positive attitude. However, being overly confident with a new proposal does have its drawbacks as well. Don’t get involved with an unproven, unreliable project; do your homework and ensure your new project is investable.
If you’ve got second thoughts about an idea, evaluating your processes will further ensure that you are on a forward thinking track before fully investing in the idea. By committing to or evaluating existing processes you avoid uneducated guesses and assumptions.
To avoid these add a backbone to your project. It’s never been easier to obtain information, simply listen to podcasts, watch webinars and read industry news and opinion posts. With a bit of extra light learning, you’ll become an expert in your field in no time at all.

Never stop learning

As an innovating business leader with a vast array of new ideas, you could be changing industries quite often. Therefore, it’s important to acquire new skills. You might be a copywriter one week and an electrician the next. Two completely different jobs; not entirely relevant, but you get the idea.
Continue to acquire new skills, as you approach a new idea, not everybody enters or leaves a field knowing all the in’s and outs. With the current state of the economy and the constant changes in technology, it’s important to keep an open mind and stay in tune with the growing habits of the external environment.
Now by reinforcing your ambitions and obtaining a supporting network you’ll maintain and develop your stature as a successful business leader. Now is the chance for you to take the floor and get involved. What innovative techniques do you think should be utilised to become a more influential business leader?