James Lee
- 29 February 2024

Supplying our services more sustainably: Accounting for operational emissions


We are working to reduce and offset emissions generated by our office-based operations in line with the PAS2060 standard.

Crown Gas & Power recognises that our future is underpinned by three things; our people, our planet and our product; and their sustainable development must sit at the heart of any growth strategy.

There is no escaping the fact that we supply fossil fuels, and we are acutely aware of the impact that the wider energy industry has on the environment. However, the changes needed for our industry to transition in line with the Net Zero Mandate are complex, gradual, and ultimately beyond our operational control. Whilst we continue to support and engage with Ofgem, Government and other counterparties on this work, we feel that this alone is not enough to say we are ‘doing our bit’ for the planet.

We have therefore kickstarted our own Journey to Net Zero, allocating dedicated resource to understanding and reducing the environmental impact of our operations. The first step in this journey will see Crown Gas & Power work to reduce and offset emissions generated by our office-based services in line with the PAS2060 standard.


There are 4 cyclical steps to achieving and maintaining this standard.


1. Measure

The first step in the process is to calculate the existing carbon footprint of our operational activities; from the energy used to run our building and the emissions generated in our daily commutes, to the carbon embodied in any office goods and services we purchase and the waste we throw away.


A carbon footprint is expressed as a ‘carbon dioxide equivalent’ – or CO2e. This is the unit of measurement that allows different greenhouse gases to be compared on a like-for-like basis relative to one unit of CO2.


2. Reduce

Based on the information gathered above Crown Gas & Power will implement a clear Carbon Reduction Strategy, to be reviewed annually, focusing of sustainable projects and practices to reduce emissions that fall within-in our operational scope, in what will be a continued Journey to Net Zero.

Projects we have implemented to date include:

  • Upgraded all office lighting to PIR controlled LED’s.
  • Invested in a Heat Recovery System to maintain controlled office temperatures.
  • Installed 88 Solar Panels across the roof of our office building.
  • Installed 6 Electric Vehicle Chargers throughout our office carpark.
  • Secured an 100% renewable electricity contract to power our building.

Carbon Insetting: Investing in projects to reduce carbon emissions within the organisation’s own operations or value chain.

Carbon Offsetting: Investing in carbon reductions elsewhere, often overseas, to compensate for the carbon produced in its own operations or value chain.

3. Offset

Residual emissions, which the organisation have not yet been able to reduce and/or remove in line with our Carbon Reduction Plan, will be offset on an annual basis by certified carbon offset credits, allowing the organisation to declare Carbon Neutrality for the given achievement period.


Net Zero refers to the amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) – such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane or sulphur dioxide – that are removed from the atmosphere being equal to those emitted by human activity. Emissions reductions would generally follow a scientifically recognised trajectory, e.g. 1.5°C. Any residual emissions would generally focus on GHG sequestration from the atmosphere.

Carbon neutrality is similar in that GHG emissions are offset, although it generally includes a wider definition of offsetting residual emissions, including emissions avoidance activities, and wouldn’t prescribe a specific reduction trajectory. 

4. Validate & Publish

Finally, Crown Gas & Power will work with our external consultants (Tunley Environmental) to ensure that the requirements of the standard have been met. Once validated we will publish our Carbon Neutrality Statement for the relevant achievement period, alongside supporting documentation and data.

This statement will also contain a clear commitment to continuous improvement in the next reporting period.

We are aiming to ensure that a statement for our first achievement period, covering emissions from our 22/23 financial year, is cleared for publication on or before 1st August 2024.


Want to do your bit it, see how Crown Gas & Power can help:

  • Crown Gas & Power cater for all budgets by offering 10%, 25% or 50% biogas blends and 100% biogas products.
  • By choosing Crown Gas & Power’s carbon offset product, the carbon emissions that are created from burning your gas will be offset automatically.