James Lee
- 1 March 2022

Two minutes with Danny Madden

Utility Connections is an integral part of the Crown Gas & Power offering. It is the start of the journey of providing gas to businesses and without it you wouldn’t have the pipes you need to connect you to the National Grid. But as well as business gas, Utility Connections at Crown Gas & Power can connect your business to the water and electricity lines too.


Utility Connections Team Leader Danny Madden joined Crown Gas & Power in 2013 after transferring from the plumbing trade. He’s been part of the furniture ever since and we took two minutes out of his day to find out more about his career to date and the exciting plans for the Utility Connections team moving forwards.

How did you get into Utility Connections at Crown Gas & Power?

I started out in the gas sales team when I first joined Crown Gas & Power but an opening for a Utility Connections Coordinator came up, which I thought looked interesting and more suited to me. Having been a plumber previously I was more drawn to the Utility Connections side of the business and knew I could benefit the department with my knowledge of gas and water installations.

Working in the gas sales side before moving into Utility Connections has helped as it’s given me a wider understanding of the business I was working for. Now as Utility Connections Team Leader I know I can use my knowledge to bring the teams closer together to help reach a common goal.


What has been the highlight of your journey so far in the Utility Connections team here?

Becoming a Senior Utility Connections Coordinator and then most recently becoming Utility Connections Team Leader. Progression is something I strive for and one of my main aims in life, and I’ve been able to achieve that working for Crown Gas & Power. To be the leader of this fantastic team at a very exciting time for Utility Connections is going to be a challenge but one I am looking forward to.


What have you got planned for the team this year?

There have been big changes for the Utility Connections department recently and there are many more to come. We are becoming even more competitive with pricing and are offering free meters to business that are signing their supply contract with Crown Gas & Power. We are also looking into bringing on board more services to support our customers’ needs, especially as they transition to net zero. This is a new direction for the team but it helps supplement the success of our bio gas contracts. Service is at the centre of everything we do and I will be working extra hard to deliver the market leading service Crown Gas & Power is famous for.


If you had an unlimited budget and just one day to do absolutely anything, what would you do?

I’d spend it with my family and would take them on a huge shopping spree to wherever they wanted to go. But I’d hire a van to follow us and take our shopping as there’s only so much I could carry!


Crown Gas & Power offer a multi utility connections service to our customers – they supply an end to end utility connections service for gas, water and electric. If working for the Utility Connections team sounds like something you want to be a part of then take a look at our latest vacancies to see if there are any open opportunities.