James Lee
- 21 September 2021

Two minutes with Jackson Sutcliffe


A far cry from a wallflower, Jackson Sutcliffe, Sales Team Leader, embodies many of the bright and bold personalities of the team here at Crown Gas & Power. He’s a busy man, but we managed to grab him for two minutes to ask a few questions about his team and the type of talent he looks for when hiring new members.

Jackson joined us in 2012 as an Apprentice and has worked hard to climb up the Crown Gas & Power career ladder. We’re equally proud of what he has achieved – see Jackson’s full story here.

What are your main goals for the Sales team this year?

To continue to build on our volume growth this year. We’ve set some great targets for this year and I’m looking forward to seeing how my team achieves this – especially after a year away from the office environment. Seeing everyone back together every day just adds to my enthusiasm.

What is it you’re really looking for when hiring new team members?

A genuine passion for doing well. I hire people who care more than just 9-5 and I don’t mean just putting in extra hours for the sake of it. I love to see people care about their accounts and want to see them do well – and I look for people who work smart to achieve this so they can enjoy their life outside of work too.

How would you describe your team and why?

Grafters. We’ve gone through a bit of a transition recently and with four new starters I’m already proud of their work ethics. I’m grateful for the existing team members who have shown a true sense of comradery for the new starters. Without prompting they’ve wanted to see them do well – they’ve helped them above and beyond what I would have expected them to.

A sales team that wants to see each other do well is motivating to be around every day.

Who’s your favourite?

Nice try! That’s not something I can answer. I’ve got a team of 14 and all of them are an absolute dream to work with. The mix of personalities and ways of working are all unique but equally effective, I wouldn’t change it!

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