- 3 March 2017

World Book Day for Bury Hospice


In our offices on Thursday 2nd March 2017, we hosted a small, World Book Day event, consisting of a company-wide raffle throughout our Crown Group. From the Raffle, we donated all proceeds to Bury Hospice, a charity which remains close to us, not only by geographical location but personally as well.

What we’ve done for the community in the past 12 months

Getting personal is something we do everyday at Crown Gas & Power; as the nature of our business as an energy supplier is nationwide. We pride ourselves on maintaining a strong stakeholder bond. Therefore, we have made it clear that our aim is to raise further awareness of our community throughout Greater Manchester.
Throughout each year we run a number of different charity events in an attempt to raise as much as possible for causes on a regional or national scale. Moreover, previous events which we have held were in support of Children in Need, Great Ormond Street Hospital & most recently two members of our team have volunteered for a daunting 10,000 ft Skydive for New Life Foundation, The Charity for Disabled Children.
Both have hit their targets. However, we’ve still kept the donations open:

What we’ve done for Bury Hospice

On World Book Day, we arrived to work a little differently than usual. In full fancy dress. Swapping the suit and tie for onesies. In the picture to the right we’ve got our Customer Support team dressed as (you guessed it) Winnie the Pooh Characters. In true World Book Day Spirit Christopher Robin & Friends took all your enquiries today.
We’ve also had The Book People in our offices between the hours of 12 and 2pm. To sell their latest books; fiction, nonfiction and the latest modern and traditional children’s titles. They’ve also opted to donate a generous 10% of their sales to our Bury Hospice fund.
Something else that had happened during the day was a short storytelling session with our Operations Manager. A rare occasion as, a small group turned back the clock; went back into “school mode” and gathered around for a reading of; (you guessed it) 3 little pigs.

How Much did we raise?

All together from the raffle ticket sales and the donation from The Book People, we raised £370. An incredible amount which will be going straight to support Bury Hospice.

The traditional Crown Gas & Power raffle

To finish we would like to thank all the amazing companies and organisations who donated prizes to our raffle. We couldn’t have raised such an incredible amount without your support.

We would like to say a special thanks to: