James Lee
- 25 July 2022

Worried about your energy bills?

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We understand that this is a stressful time for all business owners and bill payers with rising costs across the board. If you’re worried about your business energy bills, we encourage you to consider the information below.

  1. Check that you are in contract

If your business contract recently ended and you are yet to renew or choose a new supplier, or your business recently moved into a new premises supplied by us, it is likely you are being charged at deemed or out of contract rates.

These rates are often a lot higher than the average contract rate and are not subject to a price cap, as is the case in the domestic market.

To get a contract quote please contact our Sales team at sales@crowngas.co.uk.

  1. Check that your bills are based on actual meter readings

If we are not provided with regular meter readings for your site, your bill will be based on estimated consumption. This could mean you are either paying for energy that hasn’t yet been used, or you are risking a big ‘catch up’ bill when an actual meter reading is provided.

We recommend you submit meter reading in the last three working days of each calendar month to ensure they are captured in your next bill. Meter readings can be provided in one of four ways, whichever is easiest for you and your business:

Furthermore, you may consider registering your interest in an AMR or Smart Device, which can automatically take readings at regular intervals and remotely send this information to us.

  1. Keep in contact

If you are worried about paying your business energy bills please contact us at accounts@crowngas.co.uk as soon as possible.

If we do not receive payment for an invoice, we will try everything in our power to contact you and resolve your issue. However, as a last resort we do retain the right to disconnect your supply, once we have exhausted all other options – so it is important that you keep in contact.

  1. External debt & budgeting advice

If you regularly find yourself unable to pay bills or are worried about mounting debt, the pages below contain more useful information and support.

  • Citizens Advice


 Business Debtline