Submit a meter reading

Do you submit regular meter readings?

You can submit your business meter readings using your ‘My Account‘, by phone or by email. If you need extra support do not hesitate to call us on 0161 762 7744, please have your account number to hand.

1. Send us your reading

Once you have switched to Crown Gas & Power and your site is live, you will need to get in touch with us so you can provide us with an opening meter reading. This ensures that you are billed accurately from the start. Furthermore, take a few minutes towards the end of each month to submit your meter reading, this can be done online above, or by telephone 0161 762 7744, or email

2. Send us a picture

If you are unsure about submitting your monthly reading, in order to ensure you are billed accurately each month, simply take a photograph of your meter then email it to or send it via iMessage or WhatsApp to 07557 545 781.

3. Arrange your AMR/SMART installation

To find out more information on our AMR/SMART installations please see here.

Don't forget to submit your monthly meter reading!

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What our customers say

We are really happy with the service from Crown Gas & Power. We submit readings and receive invoices on time.

Catherine - Customer

Crown Gas & Power have provided a user friendly end to end gas metering and supply service that has taken the stress out of getting new supplies up and running for our clients.

Richard - Broker

Prompt, accurate, friendly and professional service.

Stewart Hugill - Customer